Sweeties, Darlings — The Absolutely Fabulous Movie Finally Has A Release Date


It’s. Really. Happening!

Well, of course we knew that — we’ve been following the Absolutely Fabulous movie since it was announced in early 2015.

Patsy and Edina have had a busy year (and gone through many cases of champagne, assumedly), and creator/star Jennifer Saunders has made it all real by finally announcing a UK release date — July 1, 2016.

Saunders confirmed the news on Twitter:

A few things we know about the film: it’ll center around Edina and Patsy retreating penniless to the French Riviera, plotting to live large once again after getting mixed up in a major media storm.

Oh, and it will feature roughly 100 drag queens.

In October, casting agents were on the hunt for eight singing, dancing queens to perform individually, 70 for the audience, and 18 celebrity lookalikes including Cher (Chad Michals?), Christina Aguilera and Tammy Wynette. Sounds like a party.

Lulu, Emma Bunton and Kate Moss are also all expected to appear in the film.