Human Rights Abuses Trump Good Old Fashioned Athletics

Tatchell Blasts Anti-Gay Nigeria’s Commonwealth Consideration

Meanwhile, in other Peter Tatchell-related news. The British activist recently spilled some ink to blast Nigeria’s 2014 Commonwealth Games nomination:

It would be wrong for the 2014 Commonwealth Games to be held in Nigeria, given the country’s serious human rights abuses, widespread corruption and flawed elections.

I would love an African country to host the games, but not Nigeria. Awarding Abjua the games would reward bad governance, grave social injustices and the denial of civil rights to millions of Nigerians.

The CG Federation will announce tomorrow whether Abjua or Glasgow will host the big event. And, can we just tell you, we’re all pins and needles. Really, it’s the most exciting thing we’ve heard since clear Pepsi.