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Taxi Driver’s Stoopid Facebook Anti-Gay Mardis Gras Post Has Gary Burns’ Nostrils Flaring

Must we pay attention to what John Christopher Sunol, a taxi driver in New Castle, Australia, writes on his Facebook wall? Sure, if “most hated activist” Gary Burns is trying to get him to pay $40k for writing the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is ‘‘a perverted piece of living garbage’’ that’s “run by drug dealers and paedophiles.” Hey now! We’re not pedophiles.

Burns, who is already going after Aussie newscaster Ron Wilson for calling the parade and its participants “disgusting,” wants blood from Sunol too.

The blog comments, posted hours before Saturday’s Mardi Gras parade, were added to an Anti-Discrimination Board complaint that Mr Sunol vilified homosexuals over the internet. Activist Gary Burns, who lodged the extra complaint yesterday, is seeking $40,000 and a published apology from Mr Sunol. He has also asked the board to refer the latest statements to the NSW Attorney-General. ‘‘When Mr Sunol is finally dealt with by me he will be laying spreadeagled on the pavement battered and bruised, figuratively-speaking, because I am no nancy boy,’’ Mr Burns said.

Mr Sunol repeated denials yesterday that he had vilified homosexuals. ‘‘What I’m saying is, the Mardi Gras is run by drug dealers and paedophiles, not all homosexuals [are drug dealers and paedophiles],’’ he said. ‘‘I’ve seen men with no pants on marching down Oxford Street in Sydney, which is repugnant. ‘‘If they’d done that in Iran, if they’d done that in Iraq, they’d be murdered. I’m speaking out against it because the homo-nazis and femi-nazis are taking away our right to speak against them.’’

Oh good. Now we’re Nazis now too.

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  • Jeff M.

    So he wants Australia to be MORE like Iraq and Iran?

    I guess the problem with freedom is that it is too free. /sarcasm

  • Francis

    That’s exactly what he’s saying, Jeff. That the gays are lucky to not live in Iraq or Iran, so STFU and stay in the closet. It’s always these old asses like this guy and Ron Wilson who just cannot wrap their heads around increased gay visibility. Well, hopefully Gary Burns’ reporting these homophobes to anti-discrimination services works, and they understand exactly what it means to be a homophobe in 2011.

  • MikeE

    you know?
    the funniest thing happens when gays and lesbians get full rights.

    their “pride parades” become incredibly boring.

    Montreal, in the Canadian province of Quebec, used to have one of the largest gay pride “festivals” (at least in Canada. it was a week-long affair, generating millions in revenue).

    But Quebecois society is so open about gay/lesbian rights and so nonchalant about its acceptance and embracing of that part of society, that… well.. gay pride has just gotten dull.

    For a few years now, the parade is dull as dishwater. like watching grass grow.

    Gays and lesbians have been able to wed legally for years now. Mainstream TV has so many gay and lesbian characters, and no one bats an eyelash (regular or faabulous).

    You never hear anything about seeing a lesbian’s boobies at the parade, or of disgusting naked homos doing obscene things on flatbed trucks to Lady Gaga blaring from speakers…

    Gay is just… there. When it becomes commonplace and part of normal society, there’s no need for the flamboyance. Oh there’s plenty of drag performers and faaaabulous costumes. But nothing really “shocking”. At least, nothing worse than anything you’d see at Rio’s Carnivale.

    When will straights learn: the more they try to STOP the gays, the harder the gays will fight back. Once the straights realize that being gay is the same as being straight, well, we will all just be able to get on with our humdrum lives regardless of whether it’s Adam and Eve or Adam and Jacques.

  • Gary Burns

    Mr Sunol wants Australia to be more like Iran & Iraq so homosexuals will be killed.
    He’s promoting the killing of homosexuals.

  • Topher

    I don’t mind being called homo-nazi. It implies that he fears us…and he should—cause now he’s in the evil queer crosshairs!

  • Peter M.

    Way to go Gary Burns!
    Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment in the fight against discrimination and homosexual vilification. There should be more people like you, you’re my hero!

    God bless you,

  • TommyOC

    I’m not mad at this taxi driver. I’m mad at the people trying to punish him for speaking his mind.

    Despite the likes of Westboro and annoying news pundits and homophobic taxi drivers, I’m VERY, VERY grateful to have freedom of speech protections in the United States.

    I can’t see how anybody would sacrifice another person’s freedom to express themselves. Because one day, it’s their right of expression being infringed and that’s okay with you, because you don’t like their opinion.. but the next day, it could be yours rights to expression under fire. What say you then?

  • Gary Burns

    Hey Tommy in OZ we have vilification laws that makes the comments of this taxi driver unlawful.
    We live in a multi-cultured society in OZ and everybody regardless of their difference’s is entitled to live their lives without ridicule,contempt or hatred.
    I am just using the legislation open to me to promote my message for tolerance for all people everywhere.

  • Jeffree

    Canada has similar rules on “hate speech” although I like the Aussie term “vilification” even better.

    Before I perform stand-up in Canada, the club sends a very polite letter outlining the laws and gives a # to call with any questions. There’s nothing onerous [my word of the day!] about the rules and are similar to what US network TV uses before 9pm or whenever.

    Good luck Gary Burns! Keep ‘us posted please.

  • Mike

    Gary Burns, you are fabulous! Thanks for your continued efforts for our community xx

  • Devon

    “When Mr Sunol is finally dealt with by me he will be laying spreadeagled on the pavement battered and bruised”

    Funny, that’s exactly what I’d like to see happen to PC thought police like Gary Burns.

    Censorship is wrong no matter who’s doing it. I’m sure if things were reversed and the Australian government was going after pro-gay voices for speaking their minds, these same people would be screaming non-stop about having their rights trampled on. But since it’s happening to people they don’t like, it’s perfectly acceptable. The law shouldn’t be requiring people to like each other.

    This kind of Orwellian bullshit is one reason why, despite it’s many, many faults, I’m still glad to live in the US.

  • Gary Burns

    Dear Mr Devon,
    By using legislation enacted by the NSW Parliament is not PC Censorship.
    With freedom of speech comes responsibility.
    I live in Australia and I will continue to defend those minority Australians who are vilified because of their difference’s.
    If you don’t like my work that’s a matter for you.
    I believe in what I am doing.
    As Bette Davis once said, “No guts no glory”.
    I have the guts and courage to stand up and fight for what I believe.
    What do you believe in Mr Devon ?

  • Devon

    “By using legislation enacted by the NSW Parliament is not PC Censorship.”

    So if the government endorses it, it’s not censorship?


    “With freedom of speech comes responsibility.”

    Yes, but you don’t want freedom of speech. You want a legal system that punishes people for not liking you.

    “As Bette Davis once said, “No guts no glory”.
    I have the guts and courage to stand up and fight for what I believe.”

    Lol no you don’t…See a person with guts would go out there and confront the other side, shut them down with things like facts and logic, fight their nonsense with words, show everyone else why that person is a bigoted assclown. Using the government to punish people for having an opinion you don’t like, threatening people into liking you or else, that’s about as far from gutsy and glorious as you can possibly get.

  • Gary Burns


    I am not trying to punish people because I don’t like what they are saying I am trying to remind these people they have responsibilities.
    There is a difference.
    When I was a little boy my mum made me eat Devon.
    I have never liked it ever since.

  • B

    No. 11 · Devon wrote, “Censorship is wrong no matter who’s doing it. I’m sure if things were reversed and the Australian government was going after pro-gay voices for speaking their minds, these same people would be screaming non-stop about having their rights trampled on.”

    If the taxi driver has said he disapproves of sexual relations between people of the same gender because that violates his religious beliefs (or that he merely finds it “icky”), he shouldn’t be sued for expressing that opinion, idiotic as it may be. But, calling the organizers of a gay event “drug dealers and paedophiles” as QUEERTY claims is really libel (I presume the statement is false) and was almost certainly made to promote hatred against a minority. Australia has effectively extended the rules regarding libel so that it can apply to statements made against a class of people instead of just specific individuals. The U.S. also distinguishes libel and slander from free speech – the difference seems to be merely in where we draw the line.

  • hojuruku

    I am wanted for Australia’s rarest crime according to Goverment crime statistics that can be verified by – source

    I am wanted for Australia’s first domestic terrorism “outlaw motorcycle gang” marketed law” – 60c nsw crimes act. Confirmed to be first gang law by Hansard, UNODC and the Federal Office of Criminology. It was amended by the 2006 Gang laws bill for god’s sake.

    I am wanted for the pre&thought crime of already knowing a gay cop is gay. You can see the search warrant with my name on it to prove this is not a persecution complex here and links to Hansard including quotes form Gay Rights Activist Lee Rhiannon who said this law “would provide a running cover for corrupt police”.

    The only police who are publically known to have used this law are special gay police aka GLLOs, the biggest acheivment of the gay lobby according to their history page for the crime of making a true complaint against a GLLO. You don’t get 5 yeras jail for obtaining false personal information now do you?

    First gang law never used against a gang member. This is almost insane as Americans using RICO against someone it isn’t mafia.

    The woman who was personally handling the complaint was none other than Gary Burns self-declared friend in his online stalking that exhibits of which will be tended and his mate supeoned this week to pass comment on how appropriate it is for gary to stalk people he has never met online, and drop his powerful police comissioner friends names about.

    Please excuse the use of stormfront that doesn’t like gays existing. I used a mens activsism site before Michael Antrum General Council for NSW police threatened their management. I have his email and named him as a target in my youtube video burnpassport.mp4. 2 Months later people loyal to the cause dealt with him. My next post was censored by media spy.

    I have been invited on this weeks Queer Noise Radio show to talk about myself being persuected with a law gay rights activsts predicted would be used for persecution. NSWCCL (civil liberties watchdog) deleted their press release from their website and sent me a email that claimed it never existed. Lee Rhiannon must have mislead the house along with all the other MPs that referred to it in Hansard if NSWCCL isn’t lieing and droping a human rights issue for the sake of gay executive power.

    Catherine Burns well be held to account for her malicious prosecution. If she lies about her involvement, she will find out what my X100P ebay purchase does the hard way, and she will find herself in jail for pejruy, just like the detective who made false claims that my own lawyers witnessed me do alleged crimes inside NSW Police station 6 months prior than the 60 c search warrant. 3 lawyers from Armstrong legal have tended stat decs that the head detective for balmain has fabricated probable cause and comitted perjury.

    Gary Burns will be on notice for his online predatory stalking and harrasment of people he doesn’t know dropping his friends in powers names to intimidate.

  • hojuruku6969

    Gary Burns,

    The matter in which you first contacted me about, by actions tantramount stalking someone you have never met, or been invited to contact, when you found a facebook account not used in the public domain at that time that belonged to me – to support special gay police perverting the course of justice, and woman of the year 2007 Catherine Judith Burn running a prosecution using Australia’s first Motorcycle GANG law 60C NSW Crimes Act
    I hereby declare you have been metaphoriacally BEATEN DOWN.

    This matter has just been covered by your mate on 2SER QueerNoise Radio. Here is the interview from TODAY.

    Click on my name for the link. Part II next week.

    Enjoy. Take it from your own kind and people you have at least once called your ‘friends’, this is a real world scenario.

    2 years ago you [Gary Burns] goes around using the internet with intent to menace dropping acting police comissiners names telling people to be quiet. Will you be calling the 2SER switchboard to do the same dropping your police comissioner mates?

    Who does this gay power activist think he is. When the dust settles, it will his gay executive power mates in jail, not me.

    Have a nice day mate ;)

    As my father always said, the Wheel of justice turns slowly, and I’m betting the peg you and your mates are standing on is just coming around to it’s apex.

    Gary, Why don’t you answer his question on SSO on Unexempting Religious Organizations from the Anti-Discrimination Act (whilst keeping the Gay exemption, because of course gays need to be above the law not equal before it – Gary knows this by demonstrating his right to threaten violence metaphsically against poor Taxi Drivers that seem like easy targets.

    Gary Burns and his mates loose credability daily. He doesn’t even run the case himselves, he’s just the applicant. He’s just a vulture wasting public /charties moneys and legal aid to fight his own crusades. Put your money where your mouth is, and bet you own financial security (risking being hit with your opponents legal costs) when you take on a case like your victims. You are a coward plain and simple, playing a corrupt system that beleives in “LEGAL DISCRIMINATION OF HOMOESXUALS AGAINST HETROSEXUALS” – see here for the evidence:

  • John Christopher Sunol

    @Francis: I am not a homopob, i never will recognise this and I ahve every right to state that homosexuality is a behavioural disorder brougth on by the social conditions of peoples life style by their peer groups.

    This is the truth and i will never leave from this

  • John Christopher Sunol

    @Gary Burns: A straight out lie and dissinfrromation. I am promoting nothing of such. I never said that Gays and Lesbiqans should be killed at all and it is lies like this that Gary is noteful for. Utter dissinformation – full of propa ganda and slander

  • John Christopher Sunol

    @Gary Burns: this is a straight out lie, Gary Burns uses dissinfroamtion to put his voice, out, He is not democratic, He is authoriarian and i inent to oppose him all the way

  • J Smith

    This Sunol guy is an IDIOT! He said and I quote “homosexuality is a behavioural disorder brought on by the social conditions of peoples life style by their peer groups”… What a load of CRAP!

    I cant believe there are people out there with such idiotic opinions regarding ones sexuality…

    IDIOTS like this Sunol guy are not only ill informed but dangerous

  • John Christian

    Mr.Sunol is a very dangerous lunatic that incites hatred against homosexual people.
    He’s being dealt with by Australian gay rights hero Gary Burns through the courts here in OZ.
    When Mr.Burns is finished with this dickhead he won’t be uttering a word because the courts will “shut him up”.
    It’s also been alleged Mr.Sunol was caught masturbating his Penis at the Newcastle University in NSW,Australia while watching a film on “child abuse”.
    If this is true Mr.Sunol has some very serious problems.

    @J Smith:

  • John Christopher Sunol

    No one realy knows me on this list at all, The last entry is completely false, I was not caught masturbating myself, this is a lie that was put out by others to create disinformation about me. There is alot of lies about me which I totaly reject.

    A Henry Collier tried to attack me in the past with such false complaints, and failed, this man has taken over.

    I will say no more but I am sitting watching and I beleive that God will protect me (the Lord Jesus Christ) as I know I am right and this is only a poltical bum fight which is full of missinformation, half truth and lies.

  • John Christopher Sunol

    Gary is a trouble maker who set me up and this i do take offense at

    This man needs a kikk in the ass by the Australian courts and I will write what I want

    He can go and get stuffed.

    He has no right to put this page online and I take offense at it openly and completely

    I am NOT homopobic but this man Gary alonside that scum bag Rod Swift both are troubel amakers and online thugs

    This is all I will say

    Let the fight begin

    Yours only

    John c.Sunol

  • John Chrsitopher Sunol

    @Gary Burns: @John Christian:

    What a load of crap that is coming out of Gary’s mouth.

    I am promoting nothing of such at all

    What I am saying is that some member of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras are drug criminals and child pedeophiles. NOthing to do with gays

  • John Christopher Sunol


    Gary is not working alone. They are all wrong and have a liabelles vindicative campaign against me and will do anything to hurt me

    as well as write lies to the authority about my taxi accreditation to stop me from working

    This Gary is a no good for nothing mongel full of skullduggery

    John Christopehr Sunol

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