Tea Party Nation Prez: Obama Needs To Prove He’s Not A Gay Crackhead

Judson Phillips, president of Tea Party Nation, is demanding that President Obama provide vital information. No, not his birth certificate—proof that the Commander in Chief isn’t a crack-smoking homosexual.

Phillips sent out a email to his minions revealing how back in 1999, Barry Obama was doing crack cocaine and sleeping with a gay hustler named Larry Sinclair.

“Is Obama an addict?  Was he an addict in the past? These are all legitimate questions to ask about a man who has his hands on the nuclear trigger,” Phillips demands. “Why is Obama hiding these [medical] records and why isn’t the drive by media asking these questions.”

Even if Obama did smoke crack in his salad days, it wouldn’t show up in his current medical records (unless it was some serious shit.)

Phillips—a former Tennessee D.A. who has endorsed limiting voting rights to property owners—goes on to ask why Republicans aren’t “demanding the answers to these questions, instead of telling Mitt Romney he needs to play into Obama’s hands by releasing more tax returns?”

Yeah, you people need to know the truth!

And the truth, according to Raw Story, is that Larry Sinclair is full of crap:

A lifelong con-man who’s made wild allegations against the president and even published a book about the lewd tale. He told The National Press Club in 2008 that Obama is actually gay, but Sinclair’s claims were widely disregarded due to his 26-year-criminal history. Sinclair’s arrest on forgery charges, which immediately followed his big press conference, didn’t help much either.

We’re just amazed the Tea Baggers are still around—we kind of figured some giant sinkhole swallowed them hole. And least that’s what we pray for.


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  • FreddyMertz

    Oh, please with some people(doesn’t matter the ideology)facts are a nuisance..it’s all about talking points.

  • Lifer

    You know, I’ve always said Obama is crack skinny, & the whitney look don’t look good on nobody. (And it’s not like he & Mich give off hot n heavy vibrs ever). But, we seem to be specializing in known addicts in the White House – Bill (sex), George W. (alcohol, coke, gay prostitute in press core) – so maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that guys need to go next level in release of the stress of that job. Let’s see, what is Mitt’s addiction (I mean besides money)?

  • Larkin

    What an idiot, like all racist tea-partiers twatwaffles.

    You cannot prove a negative like that. Of course, if you listened in science class, you’d know that instead of getting your science from the buybullsh!t and thinking the earth is 6000 years old.

  • Larkin

    What an idiot, like all racist tea-partiers.

    You cannot prove a negative like that. Of course, if you listened in science class, you’d know that instead of getting your science from the buybull and thinking the earth is 6000 years old.

  • shannon


  • Cam

    I think that the desperation by the right wing to change the topic is hilarious.

    The FACTS are. Mitt Romney wants to be handed the presidency without having anybody know him.

    Mitt’s own father ran for president. And not only did he turn over 12 years of tax returns, but he said that he NEEDED to turn over that many years because turning over just one or two years meant that you could hide too many things. So Mitt isn’t even the man his father was.

    Bush turned over 8 years of tax returns, Clinton turned over 8 years, Kerry turned over 20 years, Gore, Reagan etc… all turned over returns.

    There is not one single reason for Romney to not turn over his returns other than that there is something he wants to hide in them.

    The desperation by the right wing to change the subject means that they KNOW he has something to hide and are desperate to cover it up.

  • NateOcean

    @Lifer: “…what is Mitt’s addiction?”

    Well I can tell you what they aren’t:

    Jews, Gays, Blacks, Latinos, Catholics, and Women.

    As a Mormon he hates them all.

    (Sure, sure, they love to *fuck* women, but they hate them nonetheless.)

  • Alexi3

    Not only are they still around; quite a number of Republicans owe their very seats in Congress to them. And many more are afraid of them. Just imagine if people like this actually gained power. Much of what drives the current Republican agenda can have its roots traced to fear of the “Tea Party”. That’s what the whole budget mess was about, passing one extention after another, all because the Speaker didn’t have the courage to stand up to all the Freshman Congressman who rode into Washington backed by the Tea Party. I remember all those victorious Freshman saying they hadn’t come to Washington for a political career but to put forward the views of those who elected them. Let’s see how many of them stick to there one term promise and go back to the private sector and how many try to make Washington their permanent home address. Just because they aren’t getting the press coverage they did when they were a new phenomenom doesn’t mean they’ve gone away and may make them all the more dangerous.

  • Alexi3

    @Cam: You are right on target and I couldn’t agree with you more. I had expected some sort of popular reaction to the Bain revelations and Mitt’s refusal to show transparency with his tax records. But the general population doesn’t seem to think these are very serious issues. Which makes me very afraid for November. I mean, of course, he has something to hide; that’s the whole point of Swiss Bank and off shore accounts. Just the revelations of these accounts should have raised eyebrows, let alone his unwillingness to disclose. In an interview, a few days ago, Mrs. Romney was asked about their unwillingness to release tax records and when pressed finally said that “we have told you people all you need to know”; That’s an unbelievably arrogant statement but a real window into how the Romney’s view ordinary people: “you people”. When pressed further she said: “any further disclosures would simply invite more attacks”. Now if that’s not saying there are things they intend to keep hidden, I don’t know what does. And yet no public weakening in support for Romney that I can discern. My only hope is that independents and the undecided are really paying attention.

  • Lifer

    @NateOcean: Hah! Too true, but you forgot to add poor white fucks as well.

  • Bellerophon69

    Has “Tom Tomorrow” done a piece on this 1950’s knuckle dragger? I mean, this guy’s photo reaks so bad of Joe McCarthy I expect to see Roy Cohn standing behind him with his hand up his ass like a ventriloquist, making him appear to talk while turning his head from side to side while his eyes spin and his eyebrows go up and down. Obviously anyone who has a lick of sense would dismiss him and the teaparty and Reagan revisionists for the idiotic shills of the 1% that they are, but common sense in America is in pretty short supply these days.

  • Joel

    Please do not think this is the normal thinking of most Tea Party people. If you ask many TP people what they think of Tea Party Nation, they will tell you that TPN does not believe as we do.

    They give us a bad name!

  • JefHAL

    @Joel, you give yourselves a bad name. We don’t differentiate between your little sub-groups because you’re all terrible.

  • Christopher

    The U.S. is in bigger trouble than any of this if Romney is elected. This is a legitimate report from salon.com on The Romney family’s Mormon background, and how Mitt has been ‘groomed’ for the presidency to no good end for any of us.
    Please ‘copy and paste’ so this information can get out:


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