Are We Being Teased Or Trolled By The Latest ‘American Horror Story’ Promos?

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.02.14 PM

What do you get when you cross Children of the Corn with Rosemary’s Baby?

At worst, an unwieldy assemblage of malignant child actors. At best? One of the brand new trailers hyping the upcoming season of American Horror Story.

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First up: Over a soundtrack of plaintive humming as unsettling as those Sarah McLachlan animal rights commercials, a graduate from the Ratched College of Nursing takes her finest pair of Mommie Dearest shears and cuts down the mobile hanging above a nefarious baby carriage. A drizzle of rotting teeth follows.

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Second up: Are a cadre of aliens being trained in advanced human abduction? Because one student apparently failed to crack the textbook, but succeeds in cracking his subject’s spine on her way up to the spacecraft. We hope she’s feeling better.

Right now, it’s impossible to say whether these trailers provide any hints to next season’s theme, or whether they’re just a bit of fun to throw us off the scent.

Find out when season six premieres September 14th. Scream.