Round trip

Ted Cruz flying home hours after shamelessly fleeing Texas for Cancún

Ted Cruz‘s vacation can’t have been very relaxing.

One day after landing in Cancún, Mexico with his family, the Texas senator is reportedly set to fly back to Houston. The quick turnaround could have something to do with the level of outrage sparked by his last-minute getaway, escaping to warmer climes as his constituents, millions of whom are still without power and heat, fight for their lives through a winter storm of biblical proportions.

On Wednesday night, photos taken earlier in the day of Cruz and his family preparing to board a flight bound for the resort destination began making the rounds:

It was later reported that Cruz requested a police through the Houston airport, perhaps to avoid hearing comments like these:

According to Punch Bowl’s Jake Sherman, there’s now a “Cruz, R” listed on a standby list for a business class upgrade on a Thursday flight from Cancun to Houston. For the record, Ted’s full name is Rafael Edward Cruz.

He’s going to need the extra room in business class to accommodate that tail between his legs.

The state Democratic Party has called on Cruz to resign, tweeting, “Texans are dying and you’re on a flight to Cancun. #TedCruzRESIGN.”

Earlier this week, Cruz made headlines when he admitted he had “no defense” for a tweet mocking victims of natural disasters.