Television Takes “Quiet” Step In Gay “Media War”

Citizen Culture publisher Jonathan Feit drops 768-words telling us what we already know: the media hopes to pocket the pink dollar. As historically gay media companies like PlanetOut attempt to keep up with the ever-changing queer culture, Time Warner Cable, Viacom and other giants have launched a war for gay viewers. This war, he says, provides an example of a “quiet media war” in which companies are both grabbing gays and avoiding right wing outcry. It’s a delicate balance.

Well-written and thought provoking in terms of media as activism, Feit’s “A Quiet Media War” also takes a stab at historical analysis:

…San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom compared today’s equality struggle with the civil rights battles of the mid-20th century. Two key distinctions separate the otherwise parallel culture shifts: On-demand and globally accessible media has utterly revolutionized how we galvanize opinion. And unlike the African-American community 50 years ago, today’s GLBT community commands intellectual and tangible resources that make it a sprawling, amorphous, international and upwardly mobile gatekeeper.

No wonder people are afraid of us! We gays sound horrifying, like some sort of pink gelatinous monster. The Glob?!