Texas’ Antigay Attorney General Finally Getting What He Deserves

Screen-Shot-2015-03-19-at-11.15.27-AM-360x238Ken Paxton, Texas’ not-so-lovable antigay attorney general, is finally seeing some repercussions for bending the law to his right-wing will. He may face contempt of court charges for blocking a gay man from changing his deceased husband’s death certificate to reflect his marital status.

Last year, James Stone-Hoskins and John Allen Stone-Hoskins were legally married in New Mexico. In January, James died of terminal illness. Since then, John, also terminally ill, has been embroiled in a tedious legal battle with the state of Texas to have the death certificate changed.

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The Supreme Court’s June 26th ruling should have made this one a no-brainer for any legal professional, but Paxton has tied the proceedings up in knots.

“I have a terminal liver disease, melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, breast disease, a heart defect, in addition to a defective aorta, which was not discovered until recently,” John said today in court documents. “My doctors expect me to live another 45 to 60 days.”

“I also wish to have the dignity of being listed on my deceased husband’s death certificate,” he added.

After John filed a lawsuit, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia ordered Texas to make the appropriate change to his late husband’s death certificate, and also demanded that Attorney General Ken Paxton and the State’s interim commissioner of the Department of State Health Services, Ken Cole, appear before him next week to face possible contempt of court charges.

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Paxton is accused of advising Cole on how to block John’s request.

This tops off a long list of unsavory actions by Paxton while in office. Just last week, the 52-year-old Republican was indicted on felony security law violations. He was arrested and booked this week.

We’ll be happy to watch this ship sink.

h/t NCRM