Texas’ Trans Mayoral Candidate Sandra Dunn Is Running To Keep A Vile Anti-Gay Pastor From Winning

I know very little about the politics of Sandra Dunn, the 53-year-old trans woman running for mayor of Amarillo, the north Texas town that has its own airport. But I do know that her candidacy means there’s a challenger to David Grisham, the so-called pastor who fronted a group called Repent Amarillo, which called for a boycott of Houston because it elected mayor a lesbian, Annise Parker. The group calls itself an “army of god,” and successfully forced a swingers club to close, all because its members were going to hell, believed Grisham and his followers. So what does Grisham think about Dunn running for office? “The more people that run, the better. I’m not sure that’s who you want as mayor. If they’re indecisive about who they are, are they indecisive about other issues?”