That Time Sean Avery And Andy Cohen Were “Secretly Engaged”

avery-cohenThe interwebs, known for its love of an unsubstantiated rumor, set its speculative sights on the bromance between former hockey stud and current LGBT ally Sean Avery and Bravo HBIC/mustache aficionado Andy Cohen.

A reader of spy for the gossip site The Fame Driven wrote in to break the non-news of a secret relationship between Avery and Cohen:

I’m not sure if you are aware or not but Andy Cohen has been dating former NHL star Sean Avery for almost a year and a half now, it will be two years in March. And get this, they are secretly ENGAGED! There have been rumors for years in the NHL league about Sean Avery’s sexuality, but he has always vehemently denied it, Sean even went as far as to “date” a beard girlfriend (Elisha Cuthbert), who he was never even remotely into, to cover up him receiving backlash from his NHL teammates and internally in the NHL for being gay.

The spy goes on to claim that Avery is gay/bi to his friends and family while Cohen just wants to take their relationship public so he can rub it in BFF Anderson Cooper‘s face. More or less. Oh, and Sean and Andy are expected to “finally come out” publicly with their relationship “sometime end of this year or next year.”

When confronted with the rumor, Andy chose to let his significant other handle it:


The attached screenshot of The Fame Driven’s article has since been deleted, but Bravo Andy — showing the kind of teamwork upon which every good secret gay relationship is built — posted it to his Facebook with the caption: “How did they find out!?!”

Crafty. Very crafty. Meanwhile, of all the fake fiancés to nab, good werq scoring Sean Avery, Ms. Cohen.

Photo: Instagram | h/t: Slam! Sports Blog

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  • Dxley

    Andy Cohen is engaged? Oh, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssse!!!!!! I bet a million dollars it’s gonna end when Andy suddenly wakes up and goes: “Getting married means that I’m going to miss out on all these hot, muscular hunks with huge dicks? No, thanks!”. Andy is not relationship material. He’s to be fucked and let go. Sean is soooo gonna regret jumping into bed with that twat and loving him. He’s just unstable and fucked up. Next time he goes to Brazil, he’s gonna be seduced by a hot young thing and forget he’s “engaged” or “married”, depending on when he decides to revisit the place. Sean, you’re asking for trouble. Mark my words!!!

  • Jake357

    The hockey player is tasty and Cohen is the worst kind of gay. If true, me thinks this Avery chap could do himself a little better than the Queen of Trash TV.

  • Katbox

    @Jake357: Word.
    Father and son enjoying a day at the beach.
    Flab meets fab.

  • Cam

    And Cohen will celebrate by creating 5 more “Real Housewives” shows.

  • EdWoody

    I thought gay guys weren’t supposed to like vagina. So how come this place is always filled with c**ts ?

  • B Damion

    @EdWoody …I will not co sign with you on the “C” word but, I understand where your coming from. lol..

    I see two grown ass men who could do what eva they want.

  • richybruce

    I wouldn’t touch Andy Cohen with a 10 foot poll, and anyone who would needs their head examined.

  • Dev.C

    OMG will the nagging queens get of Cohen’s back, all he does is exploit overprivileged narcissistic selfish members of society for who they really are, so why are you trying to crucify him?

    He’s a ” Pure Blood ” gay man who makes money off of heterosexuals behaving badly, so why exactly should I despise him? If you don’t like his shows then don’t watch them but don’t knock him for doing better and having fun while doing it. If this was some younger straight boy doing the exact same thing you would all be drooling.

    Stop complaining about straight people bashing the gay community until you learn how to stop doing the same.

  • Dxley

    “Pure blood gay man” my white ass!!! Nobody cares. He’s not hot, just loaded and I’m sure that Sean lad is chasing after the money, too much money ain’t enough money. Like, seriously, just look at him. Would you fuck that?

  • Dev.C

    He’s cute, maybe I missing something here, but I like daddies.

  • Katbox

    @Dxley: At least this Sean guy is actually gay and not a mark grubber.

  • redspyder

    They’re not engaged. Andy’s just trying to convince him to be “Jackhole of the Day”. He asked Sean if he could show him a ring to try on for size, and their spy misinterpreted the meaning.

  • Cam


    I don’t despise Cohen, I despise the fact that Bravo seems to have given up on producing any good shows in favor of Cohen’s darlings, the Real housewives. Additionally his entire Reason for being since getting there has been to get himself on Camera.

    Sorry, didn’t realize that we were supposed to squeal with glee every time he put out another “Real housewives” series. Thank you for correcting me.

  • fredo777

    @Dev.C: More bitching, more whining, more snark. Whatever. I agree with you on the tiresome ragging on anything to do w/ Cohen (whom I happen to think is hot). I also love Watch What Happens Live, Flipping Out, + Million Dollar Listing NY. Don’t care, not sorry. I do wish they hadn’t cancelled Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist, though.


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