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  • Myself

    This is an awesome promotion. Here is your problem, Queerty. The WORLD knows this show is a worthless piece of shit. YOU know it is a total non-entity. However QUEERTY is so concerned about loosing any $$$$ from Logo, or their sisters, YOU throw your integrity into the toilet, flush it, over and over. NOW you are NO better than Perez Hilton.

    How does it feel to SUCK ASS?

    Thanks for insulting your readers. You forget how smart we are.

  • MBear

    Queerty’s recap is MUCH more interesting than the show.

    is it me, or do literally ALL of the cast members have that really affected nasally/whiney voice? I think it’s funnier than poop when Levi considers himself the ‘masculine’ one when he’s got the same affectations.

    I mean puhleeeez Mary…get over yourself.
    You like guys.
    Own it.

  • Will

    Thanks for DISSING the ENTIRE LGBT Community for your continued support of LOGO and this piece of crap that cashed in on on whats probably a fradulant GOProud hate crime stunt.


    Maybe the LOGO Boycott should be widened

  • Spike

    Amend the constitution, build a a fence and give Texas back to Mexico! Good riddance to the A-List and Rick Perry!

  • wayne

    Good god! What a wall of words! So much text wasted on such a useless show. Does Logo pay you by the word to cover this trash?

  • Myself

    IT is a crying fucking shame that QUEERTY has become owned and operated by CORPORATE pussies and are so money hungry they would promote a show that moves our cause backwards. JC Adams should NOT have any respect as a writer and the fact that this blog brought him on is proof they think we are all a bunch of idiots.

  • South Central Fag

    Wow you can literally cut the ” self rightness” of your readers with a knife. I guess I’m a bad gay cause I enjoy watching LOGO or I’m a self hating gay or maybe I’m not soo self absorbed that I can enjoy a “Reality” show. Regardless of that , what is this cause that has your readers in a huff ? The I’m going to take myself super serious & have no sence of humor HA HA HA .

    I know I’m going to catch flack for speaking my mind but I’m tired of the “few” trying to the voice of the many.

    On a other note if you don’t like anything Logo, Don’t read a article on one of it’s shows & then complain,

  • Myself

    It is about the hypocrisy of Queerty.

  • Joe

    @South Central Fag: I agree, you are a bad gay.

    I don’t like air pollution but not looking at a smoke stack isn’t effective. The air is still polluted.

  • South Central Fag

    Are you serious @Joe, come on really im more offended at your lame argument than your insult . Try to put some effort in your argument there is a difference between clicking on a link & living next to a smoke stack.

  • AxelDC

    Why does Logo insist on making shows centered around loathsome people? Since I grew up in Dallas, I thought I’d give this show a shot, but I couldn’t make it through the intros. By the first commercial break, I hated every cast member. If they go down the same path as the NYC version, the last thing I want to do is watch these horrible people attack each other while pretending to be friends.

    What if Logo made a show about people that I’d actually like to meet. If any of these gaylisters moved into my neighborhood, I’d call a realtor immediately.

  • Amber024

    Morals asides, the show is actually really entertaining.

  • Amber024

    Morals aside, the show is actually really entertaining.

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