The Crazy Baptist’s Sermon They Don’t Want You To See

[flv:,ipod.flv,ipod.jpg 340 200]

Dr. Robert Jeffress, the preacher who gave a sermon called “Why Gay is Not O.K.” last week at the Dallas First Baptist Church is the go-to guy for goofy quotes about intolerance. During the Presidential primary, he warned his parishioners not to vote for Mitt Romney because he’s a “member of a cult” and in the 90’s said that homosexuality “is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands every year through AIDS.”

Well, even Jeffress’ church has its limits for crazy stupid bullshit, it turns out. A video of a sermon about sex and iPod’s by Dr. Jeffress was pulled from their site without explanation this week. According to Jeffree’s sermon, sex is like an iPod (there’s a new fetish!) and if you don’t plug your iPod into the right outlet it’ll explode/mysteriously fill up with show tunes. But as our tipster pointed out “I and many other people have dragged their iPods all over the world and plugged it in using the same power adapter I use in the US in 240 volt outlets, just like it says on the side of the adapter that Apple sells in it’s own stores right next to the plug adapters for several countries”.

Anyway, the church is obviously embarrassed by this stupid/weird/wtf video and hoping it goes away, so obviously we’re posting it here.