The Emotions Issue: An Introduction
That’s right, kids, we’re getting all emotional on your asses. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a little look at sex and love in The Emotions Issue. We’ve chose to open it up with a video of Whitney Houston‘s “So Emotional” not only because we love the song, but because we think Houston’s words capture the complexities of love.

As the title suggests, she gets so “emotional”, but never does she say “love”. To us, love’s less an emotion and more of a concept made of myriad emotions: frustration, jealousy, confusion, anger, elation. The list goes on. Over the next few weeks we’ll take a little look at all those and more.

Don’t expect mawkish love tales – although, there may be one or two. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty, looking at all the passions, sentiments and feelings that go into that great abstract notion.

Also, we loved sharing your youthful pictures during The Youth Issue, so we’re going to try something similar with The Emotions Issue. We want you kids to send in pictures of people, places and things you love and, of course, why. Don’t send in a picture of you and your boyfriend or girlfriend and say, “I love Chris”. We want concrete reasons here, kids – not only does it give us a sick thrill, but it forces you to reflect on why you get so emotional. Hopefully it won’t lead to any breakups.

Tune in Monday for the first actual installment of The Emotions Issue: our boffo interview with John Waters!