Fab Farm Wedding

The Fabulous Beekman Boys Get Married


The Fabulous Beekman Boys, aka Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, finally took the plunge nearly fourteen years after first meeting each other. The couple, famous for their reality series and for winning The Amazing Race, held a fabulous (like there is any other kind with them) country wedding at their farm in Sharon Springs, NY.

According to US Magazine, Martha Stewart (Ridge’s former employer) was among the estimated 300 guests in attendance. But Stewart was put to work as she broadcast the nuptials live on her Sirius XM show and provided 100 hard-boiled eggs.

The wedding day was the perfect end-result of a 14-year courtship that saw them splitting time between Manhattan and the countryside. To remember the early days together, the two wrote poems to each other.

“We hadn’t looked at these books in almost 14 years, so right before the wedding — literally like three days before the wedding — we both got out the books and we each chose three poems from the very beginning of our relationship,” Ridge told US. “Then for the ceremony we alternated reading these poems back and forth to one another to kind of capture how we felt at the very beginning of our relationship.”

For more details, check out US Magazine‘s exclusive coverage.

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  • kevininbuffalo


  • BigWoody

    I here they served Jamaican curried goat with rice.
    Just kidding, lol. I love the Beekmen.
    The should now legally change their last names to Beekman.
    Now send me some damn goatmilk soap.

  • BigWoody

    oops, *hear

  • Mark

    I want to get married too but I live in shitty Arizona where it is not legal…
    I wish all these gay couples would stop flaunting it everyone’s face because they
    live in a legal state…The Supreme Court should have made it legal in every state
    to promote consistency…

  • Cam

    I tried to watch the show but the dark haired one was such a nasty, poisonous queen that I couldn’t take it after a few episodes.

    They seemed better on The Amazing Race, maybe the publicist told him to stop being a tool. Either way, 14 years, they must fit together well so congratulations to the couple.

  • Harley

    @Mark: Don’t worry. It’s coming. Baby steps. We have to be gentle with the poor conservatives. The south, to this day, has not given up on slavery or desegregation. Texas gov Prick Perry still want to secede from the union. And the other face wants to be president.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @Mark: If you want to be married that badly go and do it. My best friend and his mate live in California and didn’t want to wait until the whole Prop 8 issue was settled so they flew off to Vermont and got legally married there. If the situation as is is embittering you this much, get married elsewhere and then sue Arizona for recognition of your nuptials. Justice Scalia in his dissent gave you all the arguments you’d need to have Arizona to recognize your marriage. Hell, Lambda Legal’s The Marriage Project is looking for people they can help to stand up and sue.

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