The Future’s Favorite Video Game Chauvinist May Have A Gay Robot Pal

Even if you’re not a fan of space age shoot ’em ups you might have heard of gun-toting video game action hero Duke Nukem. He’s starred in at least 18 titles since 1991 including his newest release “Duke Nukem Forever” a game featuring “first-person pissing, double blowjob references, dildo vibration physics and sapphic showgirls,” a ‘Capture The Babe’ mode where you can calm down crazy women by smacking their asses, and non-stop dick innuendo. But despite his ultra-machismo proclivity for delivering mighty boots to the face, Mr. Nukem may have a soft spot for a gay robot buddy with a nuclear device shoved up his butt.

Gearbox Software developer Randy Pitchford said that the company dropped the gay robot character from the most recent game release, but he refused to elaborate in hopes they moght incorporate the gay robot sidekick in a later title. He did say however that the robot’s homosexuality wouldn’t “be played for laughs” and that the robot’s story ended in heroic tragedy:

“Ultimately the robot was in a situation where for an order for victory against the aliens to be accomplished, the robot’s inner workings – a nuclear generator – had to be sacrificed. The exploration was all very sincere and real and maybe we’ll come back to that at some point.”

John Funk from Escapist Magazine doubts that such a chauvinist character as Nukem would treat a gay robo-buddy with much warmth and says that the robot’s proposed end matches an all-too-familiar TV trope that ends with the queer character dying:

This kind of [death of the homosexual character] will often try to justify itself as Too Good For This Sinful Earth. Sometimes it’s because the Magical Queer has died in a Heroic Sacrifice so that the Straights may live. “See, we didn’t kill them off as a punishment or to avoid having them together, it was to point out how mankind isn’t worthy!”

Making the gay character a robot with an explosive ass also seems a little suspect, but maybe the increased inclusion of gay video games characters will at least help teach trigger-happy players to value any homo willing to blow himself up for their home planet. That’s progress, we guess.