Are you Mainstream Gay? Or are you Super Gay?

The Gay Dollar Demystified


Los Angeles marketing firm The Asterix Group has released a rather thorough study involving gay consumers, their buying habits and the types of advertising gay audiences find most appealing. You can read an abridged 50-page version of the full report online as a PDF file–and we suggest you do. The Asterix report quantifies queer spending habits in ways we find alternately hilarious and fascinating. The above chart, for example, is taken directly from a section categorizing marys in relation to their money:

  • Super Gays are the most aware of gay identity and the most conscious of anti-gay discrimination. They’re very open about who they are and tend to seek out diversity.
  • Habitaters tend to be in long-term relationships and are primarily concerned with domestic issues like children and health care. They go out less often than any other group and watch more TV than any group.
  • Gay Mainstream mix their interest in gay issues and media with mainstream concerns. They come from a variety of demographics and their tastes tend to fall in the middle on most issues.
  • Party People are the most cutting edge and urban in their tastes and the most likely to spend money on personal pampering. They see sexual orientation as an important part of their lives and tend to go out frequently.
  • Closeted tend to be older, living in small towns and aren’t likely to have many gay friends or belong to LGBT organizations. They don’t follow gay media very often and are the only group that doesn’t frequently read The Advocate (the group’s most-read magazine is Readers Digest).

What, no category for “Poor Gay People”? Pffft! Whoever heard of a poor gay person?

“Groundbreaking Study Explores Gay and Lesbian Opinions on Print Ads and Commercials” [asterixGroup] (via AfterElton)

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