The Gay Mafia Has Infiltrated Pro Sports: “There’s A Lot Of Us,” Michael Sam Confirms

michael_smith_gmaThe gay mafia is alive and well, according to Michael Sam, who confirmed in a televised interview with Good Morning America this week that “there’s a lot of us” still in hiding.

Apparently showbiz isn’t the only industry gay sleeper agents have infiltrated and taken ahold of. There are plenty of closeted gays in professional sports, though only a handful have openly come out to the media.

“I have gotten messages from college and NFL players and other athletes… about how courageous I was,” Sam told Robin Roberts, recently out GMA host [insert suspicious gay mafia music here] yesterday morning. “Them, themselves are closeted homosexuals. Yeah, I’m not the only one. There’s a lot of us. I heard from a good portion of ’em.”


Though Sam didn’t confirm when (or if) any of these closeted athletes would come out publicly, he did address his status as a “beacon” for future generations:

I just feel like because I came out, I was the first one to do it, I could be a beacon for other athletes who may be gay or may be not. I think I can be a beacon for those people, a light, like ‘I can be comfortable in my own skin and be like Michael Sam.’

Whether he’s actually picked in the upcoming draft or not, Sam assured that he’s “here to stay.” “Michael Sam is here to stay,” he said. “I’m not going anywhere. It’s okay if you’re gay. If someone disowns you, hey, you can be a part of my family. I will accept you.”

Watch your backs, straight folk. We’re coming for you.