Vietnam Vet Joe Rehyansky’s Pro-DADT Spiel Drops ‘Let Straight Male Soldiers Rape Lesbians’ Argument

Tucker Carlon’s The Daily Caller, which grants circus clown Tony Perkins space to spew, temporarily removed arguably the worst part of a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell column written by Tennessee’s part-time judge and Vietnam War army vet Joe Rehyansky, which called for lesbians to be allowed to serve in the military because it would give straight men a chance to rape the gay out of them. All without GLAAD lifting a finger. Except now the article is back online, again making the case that lesbians in the military are fine because they don’t face the pressure to put out. Also still part of the piece: The argument that gay men should still be banned, because they are going to prey straight soldiers in the shower. The only thing missing from the original and the republished version is the conclusion: “[M]y solution would get the distaff part of our homosexual population off our collective ‘Broke Back,’ thus giving straight male GIs a fair shot at converting lesbians and bringing them into the mainstream.”

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  • Yuriy

    Sounds like the holy crusade …
    Just let us all rape some people because we don’t like them and everything is going to be fine?!
    WTF, that dude should sue Vietnam for taking his brains away.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Come on, he grew up in like the 20’s. What would you expect? “Mom! Grandpa is saying weird things again!”

  • Ken S

    This stupid idiot-person should be gang-raped by lesbians with strap-ons. Until they tear up his colon beyond any hope of recuperation or reconstruction and his fragile old man pelvis is busted to hell. Then left to bleed out in a drainage ditch.

    I think that’s pretty close to what he deserves.

  • BOOM

    in an ideal world, our country’s interests wouldn’t be defended by rapists. then again, in an ideal world, our country’s interests wouldn’t be basically to rape the rest of the world’s less powerful countries.

  • jason

    This attitude is very similar to what you see in straight porn movies. In straight porn, women choose to go along with the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action. Perhaps the fetish that these males have for girl-girl action in their porn reflects an innate need to assert superiority over women by “converting” them.

    It’s almost like “oh, yeah, she’s a lesbian for about 10 minutes but then she’s fucking a dick”. This sort of attitude is not just the man’s fault, mind you. The women who do porn are guilty of promoting this very patriarchal notion.

    I’ve always said that the true enemies of the GLBT rights movement are sleazy straight guys and bisexual female attention whores.

  • Matt

    I can not believe this guy is not going to lose his license to practice law! I do not care if he is an old homophobe.. he should not be allowed to be a judge when he attempts to legitimize rape! This is just sick justice.

  • charles116

    The dimmest and the dumbest.
    Does this jerk live in a cave?

  • Arthur Trafford

    Gays in the military.

    Lawyers and politician and their clients or constituents are keenly aware that the best way to have major changes in a society is to place any individual or group in the special category of “A victim” if you’re going to change any time-honored tradition in The United States of America!!!

    The gay agenda has a progression of thoughts: First there is the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” that introduces the gay verbiage that implies undeserved “Shame” experienced by the gays; then the gays progress to the “Do ask, and do tell”, which projects a more accepting view of the gay lifestyle; then they promote their interpersonal romantic gay alternative relationships as just as natural, normal, productive and healthy as the heterosexual lifestyle; and finally the gay community will demand that a law be passed making homosexual marriages legal.

    One person compared the homosexual lifestyle as like being left-handed in a society of where 92% of the population is right-handed. However, two individuals, one writing with their left hand and the other person using their right hand both accomplish the same task of equally good penmanship. On the other hand, gays and lesbians can’t produce or have a family. There are gays and lesbians Christian who would do a better job of raising children over some traditional male / female couples who are dysfunctional, spiritually or emotionally.

    But males bonding with females will always be a more preferred and acceptable lifestyle for the majority because they produce children and grandchildren etc (a family unit)!

    The naked truth is that all humans have relational problems, regardless of their sexual orientation; simply because we are all self-centered, ego-centric and put our self interest above all others. The point I am trying to make is that so many straight pious individuals (especially Christians) will condemn or make-fun-of homosexuals and their lifestyle; and completely ignore the fact that straight people also struggle with life, and straight people also offend God and others in what they think, do and say.

    When homosexuals can’t get total or unconditional acceptance or approval of their gay and lesbian lifestyle or marriage from their heterosexual family members, friends, co-workers, school mates or teachers, religious leaders, or neighbors; then this lawsuit against the U.S. Military opens a door to promote and encourage all Americans to accept the homosexual lifestyle as legal and have equal status of male to female lifestyle and marriage.

    Sexual orientation is a non-work related issue: and the military should never give deference to race, religion or sexual orientation!

    My hope and prayer is that The Government of the U.S.A. will continue to ONLY require that a person’s mental and physical abilities be up for consideration in order to determine whether a person is qualified to join any branch of the U.S military!!! This is a desperate attempt to accomplish homosexual’s future goal of sanctioned gay and lesbian marriages in all 50 states of the U.S.


  • Josh

    @Arthur Trafford: You are absolutely right that the military should not consider sexuality when hiring able-bodied candidates for service. And that is EXACTLY what repealing DADT will accomplish. No more discrimination based on sexuality. You are also correct that the “gay agenda” includes the right to marry the ones we love, just like the “straight agenda” includes to right to marry who THEY love. Or are you advocating a return to Traditional Marriage in which the wife has no say in who she marries, is often underaged and illiterate – since women don’t need to learn how to read to cook, clean and poop out babies – and is otherwise treated like an unwanted commodity traded for land, cattle or money? Or do you prefer the Biblical model in which, once again, the woman only has worth as long as she never stops spitting out babies and has to share her husband with other women?

    Funny how fundies have always stood against progress and being forced to recognize their scapegoat/punching bag du jour as human beings with the same rights as all humans under the Constitution. They stood against women getting the vote, they stood against revolt against England, they stood against recognizing that people of African descent were more than 3/5ths human, and now they stand against recognizing that gay and lesbian Americans deserve the same rights and priviledges that straight people take for granted.

    Please understand that I bear you no personal malice, nor do I wish you anything but a long and healthy life in which to enjoy the sensation of being ignored and disregarded and referred to as backwards and willfully uneducated about your own history and reality in general. But please know that I cannot wait for the day when people like you, people who think it is alright to marginalize, demean and disparage people for an immutable trait are gone from this world, and we can finally move forward into the future.



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