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  • Aaron

    Patronizing at it’s worst!

  • Lawrence

    Patronizing? Meh. Who gives a shit! Got to love my home country and thank them for the shout out!

  • Travis

    Well cheers to you too LCeebs!

  • kevinVancouver

    @aaron so then it’s a good thing that McDonald’s isn’t running it’s gay friendly ad in the good ol USA because they thought it might be patronizing… right…. bigots more like it..

  • John McLaren

    LCBO is a provincially owned government agency celebrating gays, bi’s and drag queens for Gay Pride Week. Can you Americans even imagine the State governments of Oklahoma or even California taking out such ads and spending tax dollars to advertise this very gay positive message??? Gawd Bless Canada!!

  • hyhybt

    “Liquor before beef, it’ll make ya queer.”—Now there’s an expression I’ve never heard before.

  • A Gay Christian Liberal

    I laughed my ass off.

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