The Log Cabin Republicans’ Self-Hatred, By Rachel Maddow

“It’s astonishing,” says Rachel Maddow of the Log Cabin Republicans backing Mike Fitzpatrick to replace Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Murphy, when it was Murphy who spearheaded the repeal of DADT in the House. Fitzpatrick is among the incoming freshman class who gave the House a Republican majority, which LCR championed. So how can LCR reconcile supporting a Republican House (that will almost certainly block any future attempts at DADT repeal) while actively campaigning against the military law? Because it has that little DADT lawsuit — LCR v. United States, currently on appeal — to fall back on. And wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to put in a press release that it was LCR’s lawsuit, and not Democratic lawmakers, who managed to kill DADT? That trump card seems to be the ultimate end goal.