“The New Normal” Addresses Boy Scouts’ Ban

Tonight’s episode of The New Normal will address the Boy Scouts’ current ban on gay scouts and leaders.

In the episode “About a Boy Scout,” former Eagle Scout David (Justin Bartha) volunteers to chaperone a Scouts camping trip, despite complaints by Bryan (Andrew Rannells) that the organization is anti-gay.

The troop and its Scout Masters eat David up (who wouldn’t) but he soon gets a letter from the BSA telling him his membership has been revoked for “homosexual conduct.”

He’s forced to tell the kids he can’t be their leader: “When the Scouts can live up to the values they taught me, I’m happy to be of service,” he tells the troop. “I do [love the Scouts], but they don’t respect the way that I love.”

The New Normal airs Tuesday, March 26, at 9:30pm EST on NBC.