The Case of The Missing Mary

The Politics of a Picture

Fred Phelps isn’t the only one wondering about Mary Cheney‘s whereabouts in son Samuel David Cheney‘s first press photo-op. Family Pride’s executive director, Jennifer Chrisler spilled some ink on that very subject. None of the other Cheney children have had such media welcoming, she writes, and Sammy Dave wouldn’t have had one had it not been for his lesbianic origins. What’s most queer, however, isn’t the fact that journalists have gone ga-ga over the little lad, but that his notable mother has been under lock-and-key since his birth.

By virtue of Mary’s status as the Vice President’s daughter, she and her partner, Heather Poe, continue to be arguably the most prominent Republican lesbian couple in the country. Mary’s pregnancy has been covered by the media since it was first announced. The couple welcomed their first child, Samuel, into the world earlier this week. And yet the mothers are not included in the photo that was sent out to announce the birth of their child.

Mary may have announced that she doesn’t want her child to be a political pawn, but Chrisler rightly points out that allowing the White House to edit her and her lover, Heather Poe, out of the picture may be the most political move of all.