The Saudi Arabian Guy Arrested For Acting All Gay on the Internet

We don’t know the name of this 27-year-old man, but police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, arrested him and his videographer in January after he dressed up like one of them, performed “inappropriate acts,” and uploaded the video, where it went viral and was also sent around via SMS. Supposedly the man featured in the video was also once charged “with a homosexual case but was bailed out.”

The video depicts a young Saudi man dressed in a police uniform inside a vehicle flirting with the man holding the camera. He asks the cameraman for his driver’s license and offers “comfort.”

At one point, he waves around what appears to be a real handgun. Later in the approximately two-and-a-half-minute video on YouTube, he lifts up his shirt and rubs his chest. The video quickly spread online and through SMS until police detained both men involved in the act. Attempts have been made to block the video from being viewed in Saudi Arabia.

Suddenly living in a country that merely prohibits you from getting married doesn’t sound so bad, eh?

UPDATE: He’s been sentenced.

[Arab News]

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  • terrwill

    Davey Wavey and Chris Rushton jus get a whole lotta shit from the poster on Queerts for their inane vlogs…….This poor guy is probably gonna get hung for his………..

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Damn. Mocking the guys who can arrest you wasn’t very smart. Maybe he forgot what country he lives in. Imagine he did this is Iran.

  • Cam

    From what I’ve heard from friends who lived there, his depiction was pretty much on target.

  • Mike L.

    Uh either he’s intersexed or has gynocomastia (sp?) b/c I saw small looking breasts. I hope them all the best, poor guys.

  • ben doverr

    Mike L., feel free to show us your spectacularly proportioned pecs whenever. Meanwhile, thanks for keeping things in perspective with your insightful post.

  • delurker

    @Mike L.: I think many men of can create man cleavage and cup their boobs without the benefit or hormones or undergoing a MTF transition.

  • SebbyFTL

    Wow…wow, that scarred me!

  • ben doverr

    And some can be boobs, period.

  • R

    As a Saudi American, this saddens me beyond belief…

  • Mike L.

    @ben doverr: Lol I have moobs so I’m not being too judgemental hahaha!

  • romeo

    Good luck to these guys. Saudi Arabia is very schizo about being gay. I’ve heard it’s all over the place there, but has to be kept way down low, like behind closed doors. I am in awe of these guys balls. Hope they can catch a break.

  • Benny S.

    What was the song on the radio???

  • jon

    Living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I was surprised I could view the video, KSA blocks most stuff like that, but then, KSA hasn’t yet blocked, so I guess I should be thankful! But, I think we should be really concerned about what will happen to this guy, KSA is NOT a gay friendly place.

  • benlayvey

    Queerty is late with this! Towleroad posted it 20hrs earlier.

  • Scott in NYC

    Oy…this is exhausting. Apparently, Queerty editors needed this incident to say it’s not so bad for gays in America, by comparison.

    “Suddenly living in a country that merely prohibits you from getting married doesn’t sound so bad, eh?”

    Are you kidding me? Yah, it’s absurd we can’t get married, but at least we can live, upload videos, be gay, and debate and fight for our right to marry. Try that in most of the middle east. Fighting for our rights doesn’t mean exaggerating the challenges in America and diminishing the soul-crushing, often violent responses in the Middle East. It means being objective and real…and if one were to be either of those things…they would know that life for gay people in the Middle East, from Iran to Saudi Arabia to the PA to Syria, is AWFUL and nowhere’s near a comparison to the West. That’s not a truth that should be played with to promote a leftist agenda.

  • breen

    PLEASE E-MAIL me at ..

    if you find out what the song is on the radio…. I’ve been searching all day!!


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