The Straight Wife With a Super Crush on Lois Lane

I have just discovered the blog Gay For Lois Lane and I loves it. The blog, about Superman’s sometimes sidelined girlfriend, is is written by a married straight girl who says, “For me there is no greater comic joy than reading the weirdly desperate and completely insane exploits of the Silver Age Lois Lane. But is Lois really that crazy? Everyone needs love and a little human contact after all and Lois Lane is no exception. So if Superman won’t man up and give her the love she deserves, I’ll have to do it myself.”

What’s the inspiration?

It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane. The comics are fun, consistently good looking and kind of crazy. But, on the other hand they are also a recorded history of a woman and her emotionally distant, self-centered, jack-ass of a love interest.

Before you say that Lois is crazy, ask yourself, who hasn’t found themselves on that same end of a bad relationship. Books like Women Who Love Too Much sell for a reason.

So, the way I see it, everyone loves Lois Lane, that is except for Superman. What Lois really needs is someone else to fixate on. Someone who loves her as much as I do and who will accept her and that lever in her head that switches from aggressive reporter to crazy stalker every now and again.

Which doesn’t really make the blog gay, per se, but if we’ve got a straight girl crushing on another straight girl because she’s The Everywoman, that’s sort of queer. And hey, Superman scans from the 60s!