The Top 25 Most LGBT-Friendly Colleges. Did Your School Make The Grade?

Campus Pride just released its rankings of LGBT-friendly colleges and universities, and the dean’s list of the 25 most welcoming might surprise you.

In addition to schools like Emory, Ithica, University of Maryland and University of Chicago, the Top 25 included smaller institutions like Northfield, MN’s Carleton College (1,800 students) and some in what would be presumed to be unfriendly territory, like the University of Utah.

The rankings are based on data voluntarily submitted by 339 schools nationwide to the Campus Pride Index, including details on LGBT-inclusive policies, housing, academic life, health and counseling, faculty, recruitment and retention, and other categories. Factoring in their answers, colleges were rated on a one-to-five star ranking system (with five being the best).

Here’s the full rundown of the Top 25. (All 339 school rankings can be found on the Campus Pride Index)

– Carleton College
– Cornell University
– Emory University
– Indiana University
– Ithaca College
– Oberlin College
– Portland State University
– Stanford University
– The Ohio State University
– The Pennsylvania State University
– University of California, Berkeley
– University of California, Los Angeles
– University of California, Riverside
– University of California, Santa Barbara
– University of Chicago
– University of Illinois at Chicago
– University of Maryland, College Park
– University of Massachusetts, Amherst
– University of Michigan
– University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
– University of Oregon
– University of Pennsylvania
– University of Utah
– University of Vermont
– University of Washington

“Every student deserves to feel safe on campus, and all of these colleges are committed to creating a more LGBT-friendly campus,” said Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer.

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Photo: Parker Michael Knight