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The Transgender Gal Just Named William & Mary’s Homecoming Queen


THE SHOT — Jessee Vasold, who identifies as “gender-queer,” is voted William and Mary’s first-ever transgender homecoming queen, of which there are no rules on gender. On Saturday the college junior took the halftime field as W&M played James Madison. Says Vasold: “I was kind of surprised that I won because I knew the other girls running. I know that they’re really friendly; they’re wonderful people, so I was unsure.” Adds W&M President Taylor Reveley: “I knew Jessee before … (It’s) a little more publicity than normal for a homecoming queen, but it’s just fine.”

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  • andy_d

    Good on her and good ol’ “Fred and Ethel.” The burg has sure gotten a lot more inclusive than when I lived there – and it was pretty inclusive even then (mid 70’s).

  • Lura

    We are we calling ze a “gal” if ze is genderqueer?

  • Tina

    Awesome :D I’m happy she can stand up and be herself with obviously many classmates recognizing that.

  • sal(the original)

    go girl

  • Bubba

    does “it” have a pecker?

  • aaron Harris

    Just wanted to say that we in the William and Mary class of 2011 as well as the W&M lambda alliance are extremely proud of you, Jesse!

    @bubba; just FYI its really degrading to call someone “it”. its better to use the gender neutral Ze, Hir, Zim etc. also not quite sure why it matters what parts Jesse has.

    @Lura; as far as i know, Jesse doesnt mind being called “she”, though you are right

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