The Week in Numbers: Prop 8 Dollars, Icelandic Daughters


1234567890 — Each and every day, a new batch of statistics changes your lives and ours. Whether it’s the number of donation dollars to a campaign, or the number of activists at a rally, facts and figures are a good way to boil down what’s happening in our ranks. Here, the most pertinent numbers to the gay community this week.

The Number The Issue And You Care Because…
protect-marriage-now-sticker-755889 $83 million Total contributions made by supporters of Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage in California. Well, duh– it outlawed gay marriage in California. Major contributions included the LDS, which spent $200k, $400k from Howard F. Ahmanson Jr and $150k from the Knights of Columbus.
no-on-8-yardsign $43.1 million Total contributions made by opponents of Proposition 8, which– oh, you know. It’s a little more than half the amount spent by Prop. 8 supporters, despite being the most expensive gay-rights battle in history.
aleqm5i2tghvjrx3xtlkp_7cyau0z-ue0a1 30 Minutes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent with gay members of the foreign service. State Dept. gays hope that Clinton will allow gay couple to receive the same domestic partner benefits at State that their straight peers enjoy. Clinton said that she will “take a hard look at existing policy.”
artsigurdardottirafp 80 Days until elections for a new government in Iceland. Johanna Sigurdardottir, the newly appointed PM of Iceland is a lesbian and the world’s first openly gay head of state. She is pushing for the economically devastated to join the EU.
ma_gay_marriage $70 billion Dollars spent every year by LGBT tourists, according to Community Marketing Inc. The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism has launched a minisite specifically catering to gays and lesbians, citing the statistic as a reason to cater to gays & lesbians. The site includes info for couples looking to marry..
The Number The Issue And You Care Because…
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