The Youth Issue: Jason Bolicki

You guys remember our call for your baby pictures? Well gay director Jason Bolicki went above and beyond in submitting the video, “Twenty Gay Stereotypes Confirmed”. In said video, twenty gay men (including such illustrious celebrities as, Dan Savage and Big Brother’s Marcellas Reynolds) introduce some popular queer cliches. Bolicki then uses some childhood video to, well, confirm them as fact. It’s nine minutes and 18 seconds of pure brilliance.

Oh, as for stereotype number one, ignore it – think about us, instead.

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  • anon

    # 21, gay men make boring, self-obsessed art.

  • Ian D. Stewart

    That’s “self-absorbed”, not “self-obsessed”. Sheesh! Get it right!!

  • Mary-Kate

    What a cutie with his Jersey accent!

  • also anon

    # 22, gay men enjoy cutting down the work of other gay men, especially when jeal-ous!

  • Alan

    Was it just me or would anyone else have been able to pick out all 20 men as gay in a mixed crowd just by looking at them?

  • Max

    Most of it was dumb, but the candles bit was hilarious.

  • vince

    i’m amused this is now on IMDB.

  • vince

    nevermind, i see why now.

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