There’s a Char-lotte-a Hate Going ‘Round


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A guy who undergoes a sex change gets fired from his job because (the now) she makes everyone a little too uncomfortable. Bonus card: The MTF transgender was fired from a city job.

A former city operations assistant at a Charlotte maintenance facility has sued the city, claiming she was fired because she had a sex change. Anne Marie Clukey, who worked for the city for nearly two years, said she was fired because she did not conform to her supervisor’s “gender stereotype.”

“I have been out for awhile working,” Clukey told the Observer this week. “I never had a problem like this before in other places I’ve lived.”

Clukey, 60 and born a male, had “gender reassignment” surgery in May 2001, according to court documents. She’s asking for at least $10,000. She previously lived in Portland, Maine, where she worked three years as an automotive shop manager. She said she had more than 40 years of experience in the automotive-maintenance industry, according to court documents.

Clukey worked at the city’s Seigle Avenue maintenance facility where police and other city vehicles are repaired. Coworkers at the facility referred questions about Clukey to city officials.

Mac McCarley, the city’s attorney, said a legal response has not yet been filed, but that the city will deny any liability.

“Transgendered individuals are not protected under the federal employment discrimination laws,” he said. [Charlotte Observer]

We’re not immediately jumping on Clukey’s side — she’s got to prove her case, after all — but it’s a likely story. And yet another walking example of why we need federal protection for our transgender brothers and sisters.