Earthly delights

There are some things you should know about retired Olympic bobsledder Simon Dunn

Who is Simon Dunn? What makes him tick?  Why is he staring at you that way?

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Here’s what we know about the man. The Australian bobsledder became the first openly gay athlete to represent his country in the Olympics. Since officially hanging up his puffer down-filled jacket, he’s committed full-time to being ludicrously handsome and waltzing into photo sessions wearing a gladiator codpiece. (Curious? Here’s his Instagram account.)

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That’s not all. He plays rugby every chance he gets. He uses his profile to combat homophobia in sports. When not busily typing out columns for Attitude, he’s hypnotizing YouTube denizens with videos featuring him hulking out to lumber, wrestling, and trotting around the beach in a Speedo. Quite recently, he did an enticing photoshoot for DNA Magazine that features him in all sorts of revealing fur fripperies.

Take a look at precisely what Dunn has on display: