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Think of the late fees! Man burns library books in antigay protest

And for the latest in Trump-era Neo-Nazi chic…

A man filmed a 26-minute video outside the Orange City, Iowa library, burning a series of books with LGBTQ content.

A group known as “Rescue the Perishing” has taken responsibilty for the “protest,” claiming that they filmed the video as a denouncement of recent gay pride celebrations held in Orange City. The man in the video is Paul Dorr, director of Rescue the Perishing, which he describes as “a crisis center and pro-life, pro-family movement.”

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Throughout the video, Dorr describes his disgust and ire with the public embrace of LGBTQ rights, and claims that including LGBTQ books in the library is part of the much-discussed homosexual agenda. He also confirms that the books he burns came from the library itself.

“Orange City Library, you won’t be peddling this one anymore!” Dorr says in the video. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves and repent.”

No word on the late fees Dorr incurred for burning the books.