Those Ridiculous Real World Abs Are Already Pitching Underwear

Make no mistake: This bulge-hugging video is an advertisement for Baskit. But wise though they are, underwear companies are producing slick skin flicks, uploading them to YouTube, and then sending around the link to gay blogs hoping for free publicity when they really should be paying us to promote them. Sometimes we ignore these pitches, sometimes we bite. We went the latter route today because Baskit features model Scott Herman, he of The Real World: Brooklyn, today’s Morning Goods, and now your fantasies.

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  • Nick

    why am I humming “jizz in my pants”

  • alex the sea turtle

    The underwear is ugly.

  • kevin

    Yeah, it’s pretty tacky stuff. Can you say International Male?

  • Phil

    Hottt! Hott! Hott! I kind of like the designs…totally tired of the usual stuff from the underwear companies. The swim stuff is definatley hot!

  • Mike

    I never tire of seeing these videos. Hot guys in hot underwear. Perfect way to start my Friday.

  • michael

    I have such a love/hate relationship with these sort of videos and advertisements. The guys are hot to look at but when I think of how shallow and driven someone has to be to give the kind of time necessary to look this way its a turn off. My brother is one of these kind of guys and though I love him, he and his friends (all from the gym) work out constantly, go out to be seen and play video games. They are all pretty vacant upstairs. The narcissism required to maintain oneself like this leaves little room for anything else and narcissism can make the best looking guy in the world turn my stomach. Give me a guy who takes reasonable care of himself, but is sweet, intelligent and interesting, any day over this.

  • arjuna52

    White, white, white.

  • hardmannyc

    ^^^Oh please. Many of the guys I know who are gym rats are well rounded, intelligent, successful people. Working out and dieting is part of a strict regimen for life for them — not their whole lives.

    As for the ad, it must have been done at least 7 months ago, because that’s the Belvedere in Cherry Grove.

    The underwear is sexy and hot. I think they look great, as do the models (especially the blond).

  • John

    It must be alot of work deciding what kind of underwear you are going to wear to enhance the body you spend a lifetime in the gym trying to achieve (aussiebum, baskit, 2exist, blah blah blah). Thank goodness for Target underwear, made for guys like me who….don’t seem to matter in the gay community. Thanks Target!

  • Rick

    I agree. The video is good stuff. I also would like to say that a lot of really fit guys (gay guys too) go to the gym to stay healthy and yes, look great. It doesn’t make them vain, shallow people. It makes them healthy and hopefully happy.

    Sure there are some vain gym rates that are stupid…just as there are some fat slobs that are dumb as bricks… but generalizing that all uber-fit people are “vacant upstairs” makes the guy who posted that comment seem like the ultimate idiot.

  • Michael vdB

    Shameless Queerty (drool…), just shameless. (fanning self)

  • boytroy

    In the mid 90’s I recall watching a segment of a news show like 20/20 or something.
    The segment was about a guy, in his early 20’s who had taken a trip to Moscow. While on his trip he came across the huge number of “street children” that lived that way because the Soviet Union had collapsed, the country was in a state of financial disaster and people were abandoning their children because they could not take care of them. The young guy was so affected by what he saw that he decided to stay in Russia and help these kids. He had nothing and his family, friends and others back in the states sent him money to do what he felt compelled to do. The guy was really hot, maybe not “morning goods” material, but really hot. I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw him, a feeling of “whole attraction”. Because I liked the way he looked and I liked him as a person. I used to watch the Real World and I cannot say that I ever remember seeing anyone that would fit that bill.

    Also you bitches, it is not a requirement to have six pack abs and an overdeveloped chest in order to feel good and be healthy. i have talked to some authentic eastern yoga instructors who have told me that six pack abs were not healthy and are the egos way of building a physical fortress around oneself. I think Michael gave some of you a good slap in the face with his comments. Its funny how some of you are so “enraged’ that someone would dare mention the obvious. Its just your reaction to shame because you were hit where you live. Its no wonder we gay people get no more respect than we do.

  • DavidW

    “but reeeally Debbie, pastels”?

  • DavidW

    OMG the guys are hot! The undergear, en.
    I choose to take the positive approach. I like the guys who look that good and have something going on upstairs! You seem to think they don’t exist, well goyles, ubsoooowrong.

  • Joseph Schmitt

    True that on the viral marketing -sometimes it’s worth it tho. btw – I like the gear, pretty sexy, low-waisted, colorful. They look like Brazilian swimsuits – sungas. Very sexy – tho would love to see lees of the worded waist. Guess that’s the norm.

  • mds

    I know loads of guys who are athletic. We ski, snowboard, Kayak, play volleyball etc.
    It does leave one with a pretty decent body, but not like these guys. These guys spend a lot of time and energy to look this way. Thats why the call it body sculpting and its not about health and feeling good, unless you need to look this good in order to feel okay about yourself. But in reality they all look like clones of one another and thats really pretty uninteresting to me. No hair, all the same basic body type. It just seems like everyone thats into this is so insecure about their own unique characteristics that
    they have to strive to look like a certain “ideal” with as little deviation as possible. I have heard it said, the inner world reflects the outer world and if that is true of these guys then thats a pretty homogenous world they live in.

  • Karloff

    I agree with MDS. These guys all look the same. Boring! And the underwear looks uncomfortable

  • horus

    love the models, but i would get off on seeing where the body hair begins and ends. the briefs are not to my taste. but i get my skivies at pennys.

  • Jay

    Nice! Good video. Keep’s me happy while I am stationed abroad. Gotta say…big fan of baskit too and Karloff…it’s super comfortable. Some of the best unnderwear I own. It never bunches up in my bdu’s. Try that when you’re running.

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