Thought of the Day: Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board

story1” [Utah State Sen. Chris] Buttars is what he is: an embarrassment to the state of Utah, and, increasingly, a dinosaur.

When Buttars opens his mouth, it turns heads. It also changes minds, driving some conservatives toward the middle and some moderates to the left. He is, in our opinion, the best spokesperson that Utah’s LGBT community has ever had, galvanizing their righteous efforts to achieve not superiority, but equality.

Those efforts are gaining traction. It’s evident in the opinion polls that show the public favored a package of gay rights bills defeated in the Legislature, everything from protections against discrimination in housing and employment to rights of inheritance and medical visitation. And you can see it at the governor’s mansion, where Gov. Jon Huntsman endorsed civil unions and his public approval ratings didn’t budge. And at LDS Church headquarters, where officials are not opposed to certain rights for same-sex couples.

Buttars will never change. But Utah will. It’s already happening. And the momentum will grow, as small-minded men like Chris Buttars help move things along.” — The Editorial Board of the Sal Lake Tribune on homophobic, racist state Senator Chris Buttars.