Three Youths Sought in “Gay” Attack

A gay man in Amsterdam has suffered a “complete mental breakdown” after being assaulted by three teenagers Thursday night.

The man – known only as Alexander – had been walking back from his boyfriend’s mother’s house when three teenagers – who he identified as Moroccan – pushed him into the water at Rembrandt Park. The youths then spent three hours throwing sticks, stones and words as they forced Alexander to do laps. Alexander’s boyfriend recalls:

He was scared to death, he heard the three talking to each other in Arabic and thought they planned to do the worst to him. Alexander feels he must have been swimming around in the pond for about two hours before a car with bright headlights arrived at the scene. The boys got scared and ran off.

Police are looking into the matter, but are unsure whether the boys targeted Alexander because he’s gay or just because they’re wet noodles.