Tim Hardaway: ‘I Don’t Hate Gay People’


Tim Hardaway‘s apology tour continued on Sunday, with his taking to a South Florida radio station to once again say he’s sorry for ranting on and on about his homophobia. By now, you all know the comments he made on a Miami TV station – “I hate gay people” … “I am homophobic” – and this week, his publicist, agent, and the NBA are hoping you’ll know just how sorry he is.

“I don’t hate gay people,” Hardaway said. “I’m a good-hearted person. I interact with people all the time. … I respect people. For me to say ‘hate’ was a bad word, and I didn’t mean to use it.”

We’re just about through with the “Is an apology too little, too late?” argument. (Answer: Yes.) But our policy on calling bullshit when it’s stepped in? Yeah, that game is still on.

In case you missed Hardaway’s original rant, it’s after the jump.


Hardaway apologizes again for anti-gay comments [NYB]