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That time one of cinema’s greatest bromances became something more

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Today it was announced that best buds Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna would reunite for Hulu’s Spanish-language boxing series, La Máquina, the latest project for this lifelong bromance.

The two handsome stars have been friends since childhood—according to García Bernal’s parents, the pair met when Luna was just two days old—and their enduring (platonic) relationship has led to many creative collaborations over the years (not to mention, endless, heart-eyed internet adoration).

But our personal favorite will always be Y Tu Mamá También, the sexy, Mexican road trip movie from Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón. You know, the one with the threesome!

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Released in 2001, the film was a major international breakthrough, scoring Cuarón a Best Original Screenplay nomination at the Oscars and a Best Foreign-Language Film nod at the Golden Globes. It’s also responsible for making García Bernal and Luna household names, bringing their sweet friendship to the global stage.

Their real-life chemistry is the backbone of the sensual, unforgettable Y Tu Mamá También. At a wedding, two bachelors—Julio (García Bernal) and Tenoch (Luna)—strike up a flirty connection with an older married woman named Luisa (the luminous Maribel Verdú). They try to woo her into accompanying them on a trip to a too-good-to-be-true beach, which she initially rebuffs, but then comes around on after receiving some terrible news.

As they journey across rural Mexico, the trio boasts about love and romantic exploits, with Luisa becoming a point of contention among the horny young men: Who’s going to sleep with her first? The sexual tension continues to build until one night when Luisa coaxes the three into an intimate dance, which soon gives way to the bedroom.

If you know one thing about Y Tu Mamá También it’s likely that this erotic three-way encounter winds up bringing Julio and Tenoch closer together than they ever imagined. Suffice to say, gay viewers will not be disappointed.

And, look, we won’t lie: What unfolds—what Cuarón chooses to show and not show—is really, really hot. But it’s all part of a rather stunning film about attraction and desire, one that highlights tenuousness of young friendship and of heterosexuality. It’s a landmark queer film, one that feels just as fresh and titillating over two decades later.

Photo Credit: IFC Films

It’s wild to remember that this was before Brokeback Mountain—a time when mainstream, “serious” films shied away from queer sexuality and seldom depicted gay stories as anything more than morose tragedies. That’s not to say Y Tu Mamá También is entirely optimistic (we won’t spoil what happens the morning after), but it’s alive and authentic and three-dimensional in a way that still feels rare.

No one was holding back, especially not García Bernal and Luna. As we prepare for their next great on-screen partnership, there’s no better time to revisit Y Tu Mamá También—or experience its pleasures for the first time. Not that you need another an excuse to fawn over our favorite Hollywood bromance!

Y Tu Mamá También is available to stream for free to AMC+ and DirecTV subscribers. It’s also rentable via Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, GooglePlay, and YouTube.

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