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5 homoerotic Latin films to be savored in the universal language of love

The best part of foreign language films is undoubtedly the sex scenes because no subtitles are needed.

Of course, we’re not saying the plot and acting are unimportant. But sometimes, a gay just wants the guarantee of beautiful people making love in Spanish.

We’ve rounded up a steamy list of five queer Spanish movies that would never be approved to stream on Disney+.

These romances occur under different settings and circumstances, but as they say in Spain: Cuando hay ganas no importa el lugar (when there’s desire, the place is unimportant). So feel free to make love wherever you are.

Angels of Sex

There’s nothing sexier than two naked male bodies, even if there’s a woman in between. Angels of Sex offers the classic coming-of-age trope: a man dating a woman falls in love for the first time with another man. They’re all dancers, so is it really that surprising? But the film spiced it up by making them modern lovers and deciding why not ménage à trois? You can enjoy this Spanish love triangle in both of the country’s native languages. 

The Last Match

Homosexual love is hard in Cuba, especially when one is a gay rent boy and the other is a sugar baby with an older girlfriend (who has a thug father). This doesn’t stop Latino twunks Reinier and Yosvani from making their relationship work in The Last Match, even if the dangerous Havana streets are trying to keep them apart. Their ethics might seem questionable, but like Yosvani’s girlfriend tells her father upon discovering, “no me importa!”  If you’ve never been a fan of sports, you haven’t experienced how quickly an innocent soccer game can turn into a quickie in a back alley.

End of the Century

Ever accidentally hook up with the same person twice? This is the situation Ocho and Javi find themselves in End of the Century, except it’s twenty years later. “Siento como ya te conosco desde antes,” Javi tells his not-so-new lover referencing their chemistry’s deja vu. One of them is falling in love, and the other has a boyfriend. But that doesn’t stop them from engaging in passionate scenes that surely, this time, they won’t forget.

Longing Nights

Not exactly the type of film you want to watch with your parents, Longing Nights is a Spanish rollercoaster of booze, drugs, partying, and all kinds of sex: gay, lesbian, groups – you name it. A group of twenty-somethings in Madrid engage in all sorts of unhealthy ways to run from themselves and cope with their feelings, including using each other as an escape. Orgasms have a way of temporarily dissolving all of life’s problems.

Mario, Kike y David

The short film Mario, Kike y David is every gay’s nightmare: you develop feelings for your one-night-stand. Luckily, the attraction is mutual here, and it’s how they respectively present their bisexuality in their social circles that becomes the problem. Their chemistry under the sheets will have you rooting for them to let go of that masculinidad toxica!

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