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Tom Clements: Let’s Have SC Sen. Jim ‘No Gays In The Classroom’ DeMint Reveal His Morality Test

Curiously I have yet to see Democratic challenger Alvin Greene respond to South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint’s charge that gays and single people should be banned from teaching school children. But Green Party candidate Tom Clements knows where it’s at — and is using the incumbent’s remarks for some beautiful engagement.

After telling a church audience at the Greater Freedom Rally that known gays and sexually active unmarried women have no place in the classroom, DeMint faced the obvious uproar. Now here comes Clements: “If he wants to come up with guidelines for some kind of morality test, I challenge him to produce it. Lay out how you’re going to screen out people you don’t like. And how far does it go? Does it go beyond gay people, or single women, or single males? Let’s hear how extensive your morality test is going to be applied to people. And I don’t think people in South Carolina would agree that somebody else’s morality test be applied to public school teachers. … He’s trying to push his version of religion onto the entire country. And I believe in separation of church and state. And I do believe that gay people should have equal rights. That’s his belief, but I don’t think he can force that on society as a whole or the public school system.”

DeMint is also the guy calling for the elimination of the Department of Education, so clearly this is a guy who knows what’s best for the kids.