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  • mikey

    very sexy guy, and such kissable lips!

  • Devon

    I hope it’s Bane. He’d have an excuse to get all big and beefy again.

    Not to mention it would be nice to see Bane get a redemption after what Joel Schumacher did to him.

  • nineinchnail

    @mikey: Ill double that sentiment. He is sex on legs!!!!!

  • Lefty

    I hope he’s sporting his villain’s outfit in that photo.
    And his method of attacking Batman involves him putting his hand down his underpants like that.
    Over and over again.

  • AdonisOfFire

    He is so sexy, he was the sexiest in “Inception”, I didn’t even look at that midget faced bitch Leo di Caprio.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Good! Another fine, upstanding straight male being rewarded with a career in Hollywood.

    Anyone heard from Brandon Routh lately? Anyone?

  • Jimmy Fury

    @Devon: no way. I could go on a fanboy rant about bane being hispanic but more importantly bane never takes his mask off. Hardy’s face should never be covered up.

    Zsasz on the other hand has a habit of stripping to show off his tally marks. Plus he’s already established in the current movie continuity.

    and @ Mr. Enemabag Jones: uhm… yes? He was a regular on Chuck all last season and played one of the evil exes in Scott Pilgrim…

  • Devon

    @Jimmy Fury:

    True enough about him being hispanic, that part just slipped my mind. Javier Bardem would be kinda perfect if Bane’s in the movie…

    As for Hardy, Zsasz would be interesting to see, and rumors about a toned down, ‘Nolanized’ Killer Croc (also buff and usually shirtless) have been popping up lately.

    I’ll be happy with anything as long as it involves a tight fitting costume.

  • Dawster

    anyone else see “Bronson”? Tom was fully nude (front and back) through a good portion of it.

    brilliant actor. and i will triple agree “he is sex on legs!”

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