Tony Kushner: Lincoln Mighta Been Gay But Probably Wasn’t “Banging Anybody”

I wanted to write about a very specific moment and I chose this moment and I don’t feel that there’s any evidence at this particular moment that Lincoln was having sex with anybody. He seems to have not slept and taken no time off and during this period I think he was beginning to feel ground to a pulp by the war and by the pressures of his job. I find it difficult to believe that Lincoln was banging anybody. Now maybe he was. I personally believe that there is some reason to speculate that Lincoln might have been bisexual or gay….

There are, unfortunately, no memoirs, no diaries, nothing to say for sure. I don’t say in the movie whether the Lincoln character that I wrote was gay or straight. You could ask Daniel (Day-Lewis) what he was playing, but it did not seem to me a thing to make a movie about now….

I absolutely believe that the Lincoln’s marriage was a real marriage. These two people loved each other…Whether he was gay or straight or bisexual, they had a real deep, meaningful relationship that was probably the most significant relationship in Lincoln’s life…

It wouldn’t be the first time that a gay man and a straight woman hooked up and had a great marriage. But I don’t know. I really don’t know. And I think that’s what we have to say about it. We keep the door open and people should talk about it. I don’t feel, finally, that my politics are entirely determined by the fact that I’m a gay man.”

— Lincoln screenwriter Tony Kushner on why the Great Emancipator isn’t laying any logs in his cabin for the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie, via GoldDerby.

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  • JOHN 1957

    History Channel;

    Abraham Lincoln was the steady hand of leadership during the Civil War, only to be gunned down in his prime at Ford’s Theater. Outspoken historian David Eisenbach delves into Lincoln’s private life and reveals that the Great Emancipator was a racist, had trouble with women and actually enjoyed sleeping with men.

    And what’s wrong with that, may I ask?

    stated; Abe Lincoln was a gay atheist racist

    And again I ask; what’s wrong with that?

    History Channel – 10 Things you didn’t know about Abraham Lincoln. New series that started last night talking about things you didn’t know about historical figures.

    The History Channel said tonight that Abe Lincoln was an atheist and he was going to publish a paper on it, but was advised that if he did it would ruin his political career. He also slept with numerous men, one a soldier in the White House. And declared that blacks would never be equal to whites, and wanted to deport them to Panama after the war. It was on a show called “Ten things you didn’t know about Abe Lincoln.” The more things change, the more they stay the same. Lincoln is responsible for the deaths of 750,000 Americans, a true republican.

    It would appear, assuming the facts presented in this show were true, that the US has in fact had an atheist president as well as a homosexual president. All wrapped into one, and we liked him.

    According to the show he wrote an essay denying the existence of god but did not distribute it widely on the advice of a friend that it would be bad politically and socially and never chose a church.

    He also “shared a bed” and “slept with” at least two different men. The first for a couple years when he was younger until the other man moved away, the other was for a couple + years while he was in the White House. Many would claim that that was the norm back then? RED FLAG: Norm for whom? But then again with a homely wife like his even the sheep in the barn would look good. We know for a fact that Jefferson had a black mistress that had his children, so why couldn’t Lincoln have had a male lover?

    [“In September 1802, political journalist James T. Callender, a disaffected former ally of Jefferson, wrote in a Richmond newspaper that Jefferson had for many years “kept, as his concubine, one of his own slaves.” “Her name is Sally,” Callender continued, adding that Jefferson had “several children” by her.”]

    He was also known for adoring his children, and the depression he suffered from losing most of them;
    Abraham and Mary had four sons, Robert, Eddie, Willie and Tad. Robert is the only one who lived to adulthood. Eddie died when he was 4 years old in 1850. Willie died when he was about 11 years old in 1862, the middle of the civil war. Tad died when he was 18 years old in 1871. You ever hear the theory that Lincoln suffered from depression? I think he had more than his fair share of heart ache.

    Point; None of us were there to know if it were true or not. We can only go by letters that were written in that time and observations made by the people close to him in his life. It really doesn’t matter if he was bi-sexual or not, religious or atheist. In the long run his thinking was way ahead of it’s time and did a lot of good that started many a change though it had it’s consequences.

    Yet after all is said and done he is still considered by many to have been one of the best presidents we ever had.

    We Love You Abe! and if you were gay we love you even more!

  • GeriHew

    “It wouldn’t be the first time that a gay man and a straight woman hooked up and had a great marriage.”


    Who says Mary Todd Lincoln was straight? Where’s the evidence? She could have been a lesbian who married a man. It wouldn’t be the first time a lesbian married a man and sired four children with him.

    In fact I’m sure that’s actually more likely to have been the case than Abraham Lincoln was gay rather than bisexual.

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