Tony Perkins And Other Right Wing Mouthpieces Make It Extra Clear They Aren’t Gay; Did Something Happen?

Tony PerkinsWhile it’s certainly not uncommon for Family Research Council members to go out of their way (too out of their way if you ask us, or any rational person) to make sure it’s known that they are not, at all, even a tiny bit gay, their behavior at the annual Watchmen on the Wall conference has raised our eyebrows.

First there’s this. Craig James, the former FOX Sports commentator and current douche de jour, gave a speech where he joked that there should be a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about the group’s tour of the capital the previous night.

He specifically mentions FRC president Tony Vomit-In-My-Mouth Perkins and executive vice president Jerry Boykin in regards to some possible boisterous male bonding that might have occurred.

Later when Perkins takes the stage to speak after being introduced by his hometown pastor, the pastor gives him a hug and Tony says, “Thank you. I was just glad you didn’t kiss me.”

For a bunch of definitely, absolutely, one hundred per cent without question heterosexual women-loving did we mention straight men, they sure do spend a lot of energy thinking about homosexuality.

We’re not saying that they’re gay of course.

But we sure aren’t saying they aren’t either.

Here’re the clips cut together by Right Wing Watch: