Tony Perkins Only Cares About Gays Killing Fellow Marines, Not Sailors Or Pilots

“I don’t know how how they can live with that, knowing that the blood of young Marines will be on their hands,” says FRC clown Tony Perkins to CBN News about those awful lawmakers choosing to placate a powerful lobbyist group (e.g. The Homosexuals) instead of protecting this great nation. But why do you not care about the Army soldiers whose faces will be blown apart by IEDs because they were distracted by homosexual comrades running through Fallujah in tutus? And what about the sailors aboard submarines who will perish in a nuclear disaster because they accidentally flipped the wrong switch while running away from a homosexual seaman’s advances? Stop discriminating, Tony!

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    Gawd can this miserable, pathetic, disgusting, pandering, vile, reprehensive scumbag please find the rock he slithered out from under and go back?????

    I don’t know, Tony boy it seems you spend an awful lot of time obsessing over all things Gay, seems pretty Gay to me………

  • Pitou

    FUCK this clown!
    When will someone finally do away with bigots like Tony Perkins, WBC, Maggot Gallagher, Brian Brown, Bishop Eddie Long, John McCain, and their ilk..? Unfortunately freedom of speech comes with freedom of stupidity & ignorance.

    It’s about time these uuber religious clowns ceased to exist ANY longer! My generation is about a revolution and an exodus from religious restraint. A vast majority of us don’t care to hear the trash these vile scum spew in the name of religion.

    If their magic pixie existed, Tony Perkins & Brian Brown wouldn’t be plagued by their homosexual urges, Maggot wouldn’t be the size of a Toyota Corolla, Eddie Long wouldn’t have had to try to buy his “boys” silence, and John McCain would have been blown to smitherines and had not wasted space as a POW.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Tony is just attempting to milk out the last remaining gullible dollars remaining to collect in vilifying gay and lesbian servicemembers. As Focus on the Family has seen its once multimillion dollar fundraising dwindle and dwindle, Tony sees that he too is facing the unemployment line. Asshole.

  • Daez

    Oh no, not an exodus of chaplains. The military will finally honor the tradition of separation of church and state? How HORRIBLE!

    I’m sure more progressive Christian churches will field plenty of chaplains if needed. Or the military could just grow a pair and realize that religion is not needed in the organization to begin with.

    Also, how delusional and terrified do 12% of the spouses need to be to support an exodus of their spouse from the military. It just screams of wives that are afraid that letting gays into the military will make their husbands crave the ass they refuse to give up to them.

    Just because their husband wants to fuck them in the ass and they are to conservative to allow it doesn’t mean they will find men to fuck in the ass when they are overseas. There are plenty of foreign whores who are already lining up to give these service men the “service” they deserve.

  • ewe

    Tony Perkins has a smelly crusty asshole.

  • Josh

    perkins didnt crawl out from under a rock, he slithered up from the bowls of hell, and he needs to go back. The crybaby whining POS. What’s more is how this pathetic excuse for a living creature(not even worth being called a human being) can have the brass to call himself a christian.
    I hope you read this perkins, do the world a favor, and keep your hate filled, slime covered, lie stained forked tongue behind your teeth where it belongs, you’re a embarrassment to the USA, to the Marines, and you’re a embarrassment to your family. lying filthy hate mongerer

  • McMike

    The irony… “a long tradition of high moral value”, I guess he means kill as many people as possible. Funny how military chaplins don’t have any issues with “Thou shall not kill”. And 12% of military spouses??? Um, hmmmm… That number seems like it couldn’t be any lower IMO. btw, who’s the gay commentator at the end?

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