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Tosh.0 Institutes Mandatory Nipple Harassment For Entire Writing Staff

Okay, it’s only harassment if you don’t want it. And it appears that the writing staff at Tosh.0 are a pretty receptive bunch when it comes to having their man-teats (+ one lady and her blurry boobs) massaged by a naked gay.

The naked gay in question is Los Angeles’s Bob Patrick, who bills himself as a “Pleasure Coach” and has the cast-iron balls and sense of humor to boldly go where no naked gay rub-down-artist has gone before, to basic cable for a chance to give comedy massage while simultaneously blowing up his brand.

After working over the writers with a variety of clampy and vacuumy-looking apparatuseses and thingies, he strips Tosh and rubs his head between the host’s buttcheeks where, presumably, he has no nipples at all. But whatever. Bob seems kind of awesome.

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