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If you’re not scared of Sarah Palin, you should be. The Republican vice-presidential hopeful told Charlie Gibson last night that we should “keep an eye” on Russia, whose recent invasion of Georgia has caused some tension with the United States. If they keep acting so aggressively, said Palin, we may have to go to war with them. That, we think, would be a huge mistake. The Russians, you know, are tight with the Chinese. Our nation’s powerful, yes, but let’s not be stupid. [HuffPo]

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  • Darth Paul

    What a pitiful attempt to sound tough on national security. Just worry about the wolves, lady.

  • daniel k

    I just don’t know what to say… These people have been clear about what they want to do, start another World War which Russia has already said they will fight with nuclear weapons… I’m not naive to Russia’s power grab, but we clearly do not have the resources to fight an oil rich Russia, China who holds our debts, and Iran and Venezuela who are awaiting our imminent demise should McCain win. I’m just glad I’m too old to be drafted…

  • polobear

    If she and
    John “I’ll say anything2bpres’ McCain
    gets elected then we are a ship of fools
    what ever happen to speak softly but carry a large hockey stick

  • tallskin

    daniel k, in a firefight with the russkies their primitive weaponry wouldn’t stand up to NATO’s armed forces. The battle would be over in 5 minutes. I mean it took the pesky russkies 4 days to defeat the Georgian army, which was essentially just an armed police force. Against a real army, ie the US and Britain, France, Germany etc etc they’d be trounced.

    yeah, they have nukes, but that’s a bit of a standoff cos so do we, ie the US, France and Britain – if the Russkies used ’em so would we. So, the nukes cancel each other out. The Russkies would only dare use them if anyone threatened to invade Russia itself, which ain’t on the cards.

    As for our dependence on their oil, true we are here in Europe, but that’s a two way street, they turn off the oil then we turn off the money and the russian currency would fall through the floor.

    Putin is playing a silly macho game, it is a bit like him playing chicken with the big boys, (nah nah nah, you will have to blink first) and whilst we may indulge him up to a point there comes a line which when he crosses it is when we will stop indulging the murderous little shit and give his arse a good smack.

  • Tom

    Yesterday, I called Tallskin a bigot for his narrowminded and bigoted statements about blacks and homophobia. I was mistaken. He’s not a bigot. He’s a complete moron and will forever be ignored.

  • marco channing

    Palin on Pakistan:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Palin on Iraq:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Palin on the economy:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Palin on Disneyland:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Seems that’s the only line she could memorize.

  • tallskin

    Tom, you are SUCH an arse that I cannot be bothered engaging with you.

    How about constructing an argument ? Hmmm, do you have the brain capacity to do that? If you disagree with someone then you argue, you don’t just call them names, like a child in the playground.

    But I guess you have never learnt that, eh?

    Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. Gonna cover my ears now so that I can’t hear you, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

  • charles

    Tallskin, you’re assuming that the UK, France, Germany, etc. would actually back the US up in case of a war with Russia (I can’t believe I am typing ‘war with Russia’-I thought we were beyond that!) Yeah, they have a treaty and they are supposed to defend us in case of war, but if that happened, they would be the first to get attacked simply because of proximity. I really think we would be on our own-we can’t even get a handle on Iraq and Afghanistan, so I doubt we would survive a war with Russia and China. And that’s not even considering the global environmental impact of even a ‘small’ nuclear war. The fact that this is even being raised as an issue is horrifying-I am signing up to canvass for Obama-these people cannot be allowed near the nuclear codes. This is now life and death as far as I’m concerned.


    Yes we shouldn’t be so stupid as to want to defend ourselves from them. We should not in no way show our teeth and muscles against the commie thugs because you know when push comes to shove we really don’t have anything to backup us and deter them from future aggressions, it hasn’t been done before!. Lets see the russians have an innumerable nuclear arsenal and we don’t, Oh wait yes we do for now at least because if lovely Hussein gets in well you know what he has promised to do to it and to our general military force. We wont have to worry about the Russians invading Eastern European democracies because the Russian flag will end up flying high in DC if Obama has his way. I think you know Sarah being the governor of Alaska and in charge of the Alaskan national guard and you know with that little fact that Queerty has chosen to omit, that Alaska borders Russia she has a little more knowledge about their viciousness and ambitions of the Russians than those in LA, NY, or the ‘good’ Senator from the South side of Chicago who by the way has finally had a bounce in the polls ahead from McCain and Sarah:

  • Andy Peters

    Russkies? Seriously? Does ANYBODY use that word anymore? I thought it died with Reagan.

  • Mr C

    Very good Chittyshitty-Y,

    So enlist and make your master McInsane and Stalin proud of you. Be a real American Fag. Go fight because she wouldn’t mind throwing you to the Russian thugs!

    If you can…..that is.

  • MarGil

    Churchill-y, I assume your name indicates, simply, that you are fat, bald, and superannuated, since, judging by your posts, you cannot possibly share any other attributes with Winston Churchill.

    Have you no decency? Desist immediately from besmirching his name. Take another; may I suggest Hitler-y, Husseinish, or Pol Potesque?

  • malaise

    I live in LA, so I guess that makes me ignorant of Russia yet, at the same time and for the same reasons, a foreign policy expert on Mexico. I used to live in upstate NY, so technically I can claim Canadian expertise as well. Can I be the VP candidate!

    BTW, what actual involvement has the Alaskan National Guard had with Russia? Has Palin made any decisions in her capacity as head of the Alaskan National Guard? If the guard were deployed for anything other than domestic issues, the governor of Alaska would not be making these determinations.

    Are polls accurate? Are they relevant? Isn’t estimating electoral college votes a more accurate prediction of campaign status?

  • tallskin

    JESUS, the level of debate on here is fucking appalling.

    Get real you fucking chickenshits! And yeah i know our European armies are nothing compared to that of the USA, but even one of the big three European armies is better trained and equipped than the Russians, who are largely driving around in 1970s clapped out and rusting equipment. Putin is calling our bluff – the man has great contempt for the EU – perhaps justifiably, perhaps not. But he is behaving as if he is ruler of a great and powerful country, which Russia is not.

    But I assure you from Britain’s point of view the scales have fallen from our eyes since Putin had one of his enemies murdered by his secret service here in London. We want the bastard. And if the Russkies are to get a bashing from the US over their invasion of small and sovereign Georgia we’ll definitely support you on that.

    I think that some of you need to take your fucking ostrich heads out of the sand on this issue. Russia is throwing its weight around and is bullying, intimidating and threatening the small (recently freed from communist dictatorship) countries that used to be part of its empire.

    As for Queerty’s rather fatuous comment that : “The Russians, you know, are tight with the Chinese. Our nation’s powerful, yes, but let’s not be stupid. ” Oh right, as if the chinese would risk their trade with the USA, or Europe, to support russia, which has an economy the size of Portugal (and is best described as Saudi Arabia with trees). Look guys, the USA may not be the power it once was, although that is debatable, but it sure still packs a powerful punch, with the most sophisticated and technologically advanced armed forces on the planet, which is more than a match for the chinese and russians combined.

    Russia has two options: 1) to be a slave state of China, which is, as we speak, plundering the raw materials of eastern Russia, its forests are fast disappearing to chinese loggers, or 2) to be a client state of the EU. I know, if I were Russian, which I would prefer. But the Russians being macho dumbfucks, they are acting against their own best economic interests for the sake of macho and national pride posturing, and they are going to so piss off the EU that we are going to impose sanctions against them: oil and gas or no oil and gas. So, probable slavery to the Chinese beckons.

    I may detest McCain and Palin’s attitude towards gay issues, but that doesn’t alter the fact that WHOEVER wins the forthcoming election is going to have to deal with that smug arrogant, overbearing murdering little thug Putin, and so far only Palin has expressed a bit of REALPOLITIK on that vile man. Obama, should he win, will have to deal with these same issues, and will, probably have much the same attitude towards Russia as Palin has just expressed.

  • Jim

    Okay, I get it. The McCain/Palin ticket is really a new kind of comedy vehicle. I mean, it was a joke when Sarah Palin told Charlie Gibson on ABC news last night something to the effect of; ‘Oh, yeah… I’m very acquainted with international affairs. In fact, you can SEE Russia from Alaska, ya know, umm hmmm…’. Egads, boys and girls! That’s good stuff!

  • mark

    Palin liked to compare herself to Hillary…pffft
    Sarah isn’t fit to shine Hillary’s pumps, let alone fill them.
    No one had to sequester Hillary from the press on ANY SUBJECT.
    Hillary could masterfully do FIVE morning TV shows in one day….when you can handle THAT scrutiny, call us Sarah,

    you just can’t cut it in the MAJOR LEAGUES.

  • mark

    btw. McCain when you can survive an onslaught of the ladies of the VIEW….we might consider you fit ….for your Senate job.


  • David

    RE: “I’m just glad I’m too old to be drafted…”

    Don’t be so sure… by executive order, our ‘wonderful’ President quietly upped the draft age for men and women to 42 from it’s previous levels. And no …. don’t look so shocked because you didn’t hear it on FOX News….

    Get educated…. it’s coming…

  • michael

    Guys and Gals, I posted a while back that there are employees of the Republican national committee who do nothing but scan the liberal blogs including gay ones, posting comments etc. in an attempt to assert the Republican point of view into these blogs. They also pose as gay people. I know this because a very close family member works for them. Please do not feed into these people who post on here. Have you not noticed the inordinate amount of time they spend on this blog and that no matter what they have an opposite point of view and are always injecting it. Ignore the paid trolls, please! Only debate with those who have something intelligent and reasonable to say.

  • queryourself

    Everyone thinks you’re paranoid.

  • Little One

    No. 6 · marco channing

    Palin on Pakistan:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Palin on Iraq:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Palin on the economy:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Palin on Disneyland:

    “Charlie, the terrorists are hell-bent on destroying us.”

    Seems that’s the only line she could memorize.

    Listen to Lieberman remote cotrolling McPain:

  • polobear

    Gee I thought the old communist soviet union was gone and Russia had a freely elected president (about as freely elected as our current one) and stupid statements like Ms Palin’s will furhter isolate the U.S. Like it or not we do depend on the rest of the world for our energy and to buy our goods.
    As for her head of the national guard status she didn’t make any decisions she left that (probably the most intelligent thing she did) to those in command just like she turned over the running of the city to city administrators. Don’t act like she has had to make any tough desicions, and what she did to the oil companies is more in line with Obama than McCain
    churchie at first I found you amusing now I find you plain ignorant and racists …. in that 50’s roy cohn way
    you really have no decency

  • M Shane

    Given the indesputable fact that the Republicans manly have, since WW2 made it the priority of the U.S. to be a militaristic, imperialistic state: We spend approx 1 Trillion dollars /yr. on armaments and militia so that we can assure the security of “our interests” thoughout the world; i.e. stealing all of our resources from other countries. It is a likelihood that we will always be at war in the forseeable future, as we have been since WW2. Eisenhower warned us against the military industrial complex as have statesmen since Washington. However, since we make nothing here in the U.S., Corporatons would profit not unless we had an empire. We have had 30 major preemtory excursions since WW2. The only solution is to undo a;ll of the damage caused by dergulated trade and demilitarization of the U.S. LoL.

    Nonetheless, not much of anyone is so stupid as to believe that ewe can make war with Russia: thatis the single force stopping us from Nuking Afganistan. As someone above said , whos to say that the European countries would back the U.S.; we are not very popular these days: in fact most countries hate us.

    Palin is a just an idiot, beyond the scope of most bimbos-hence is really dangerous.

  • My View

    Historian Demands Action On Powerful Doomsday Cults
    By Henry Makow PhD 9-5-8

    Does Palin fit in here?

  • Jason

    Sarah Palin = Mrs. Iselin

  • Mr C


    You have seen the light. Churchill-Y is just angry over Hillary so now he is HELL BENT against African-Americans. He says anything. But she spews behind the screen………never in person.

    Just ignore her.

  • Intrigued

    @ No. 27 · Mr C

    What makes Obama an African American?

    I mean his mother was white, his father black so how come is he not just an American (like his mother) but an African American instead?

    There are white Africans in Africa. There are Arab Africans in Africa. There are Indian Africans in Africa. Would they also be called African Americans in the US?

    In Africa we call the offspring of two different races Mixed Race. No black African sees a Mixed Race person as black or white. No white African will say that a Mixed Race person is white or black. They are Mixed Race, not white and not black.

    Just wondering?

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