Toxic Trick: Gay Doctor Doused In Chems

Police have quite a mystery on their hands. Prominent NYC doctor Denton Sayer Cox – a man whose famous patients included Andy Warhol – claims that a trio of men attacked him on Monday night, dousing his body in an unknown chemical. Police seem to think the incident of a trick gone wrong.

An assistant found the 79-year old doctor at his Upper East Side apartment on Tuesday, 40% of his body covered in a nasty, unidentifiable chemical burn. After being taken to the hospital, Cox said he got jumped on the street, but his neighbors told police they heard loud music and banging coming from his expansive apartment Monday night. Further, Cox has a history of bringing home young men.

Taking a peek in the his digs – which, according to 1010 wins, Cox bought from Frank Sinatra – police found traces of the caustic chemical on his sheets, only adding to their suspicions that the good doc’s been lying about the actual attack. What’s more, the burns cover more inconspicuous parts of his body, parts that wouldn’t be exposed on the street, where he claims the attack took place. A police contact says:

The severity of his burns doesn’t match what he said happened. He has brought young men home in the past. We’re looking into whether an encounter turned violent and he was reluctant to call for help.

Maybe Cox’s just embarrassed or, perhaps, there’s something more sinister happening. We’ll know soon enough: police have confiscated his building’s security tapes…

One thing’s for sure: NYC tricks don’t fuck around.

(Update: Did you know that Andy Warhol died 20 years ago today? Could it be this attack has something to do with this morbid anniversary? Cox was his doctor and was sued for malpractice following Warhol’s death. Of course, a conspiracy’s pretty doubtful, but it wouldn’t it make a great story?)