Tracy Kauffman Allegedly Flew All The Way To Las Vegas Just To Murder His Ex-Boyfriend

After they broke up, 50-year-old Tracy Kauffman felt that his 26-year-old ex-boyfriend Phil Wells had taken advantage of him. So Wells moved from Knoxville, Tennessee to Las Vegas, Nevada to put some distance between them. In Nevada Wells took a bartending job at The Garage, a place where patrons came to love his smile, his friendly hugs and his willigness to help anybody.

Then this last Monday, Kaufmann allegedly stormed into the bar at 5:30am and shot at Wells. When Wells ran into a back storeroom to hide, Kaufmann allegedly ran after him and shot Wells 15 times in the back and head—he even reportedly re-loaded his gun and kept firing until he used all his bullets. When police discovered Well’s bullet-ridden body, Kaufmann was already driving back to his motel.

According to police, once at the motel Kauffman showered, threw away his gun and clothes and watched a garbage truck collect the trash before heading back to McCarran International Airport. But Kauffman didn’t realize that The Garage security cameras had captured some of the murder. Police him arrested at the airport and charged him with murder with a deadly weapon and burglary with a deadly weapon.

Now while Kauffman awaits trial, Wells’ friends have set-up a makeshift memorial outside the bar, with posters, candles and flowers offered to the slain bartender who wanted to avoid this very sort of encounter.

Image via The Advocate