Trailer For New Episode Of The Outs: From Brooklyn With Gay Love (Of The Sad-Sweet-Trashy Variety)

If you’re not already obsessed with The Outs, you’re missing one of the greatest Web series to ride the L train to Bedford; Focusing on former boyfriends Jack and Mitch as they navigate their separate yet still tangled worlds, it’s one part comedy, one part depressing (the good kind), and all parts gay.

Above is the new trailer for the third episode. Below, eps 1 and 2 in full.

The planet certainly isn’t going through a webseries shortage, but something about The Outs just has you rooting for it. Maybe it’s their successful use of Kickstarter for initial funding. Or perhaps it’s the local bands whose music peppers the soundtrack. Or possibly it’s because there’s something Lena Dunham-esque about creator-director-writer-star Adam Goldman (right)?

The Outs has sharper dialogue than the leftovers on my DVR can muster, as well as notes of real honesty. Sure, there’s anonymous sex, self-destructiveness and Brooklyn hipsters, but we can’t all live in the suburbs with an adopted Cambodian baby.

(Some NFSW language and vague nudity)



Jason Sweeten is a writer who hates on Brooklyn mainly because he lives in Queens.

Photo: Michael Popp

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