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Train operator delivers perfect response to critics of its new rainbow train

The new 'Pride of Scotland' train
The new ‘Pride of Scotland’ train (Photo: ScotRail/Twitter)

A social media administrator for a train operator has received praise for their clap back to a critic of the company’s new rainbow-flag train.

ScotRail is a leading operator of trains in Scotland. Last week, it unveiled a new train decorated with the rainbow ‘progress’ flag.

Although launched during Pride Month, the ‘Pride of ScotRail Train’ is due to keep its livery until 2029, when the metalwork will need repainting.

(Photo: ScotRail)

Unsurprisingly, a photo of the train was posted to the company’s social media accounts.

Although many posted messages praising the design, others were critical.

One person, in a now-deleted Tweet, said, “I’ll take it you’ll also be painting one in ‘straight’ colours? Or will we be discriminated against? 🤔”

(Screenshot by @Guitarorpheo/Twitter)

A ScotRail employee who identified themself as ‘Ste’ responded: “Straight people aren’t punched in the face for holding hands with their life partner, nor are the executed in other countries simply for being straight. Please educate yourself on the matter before commenting such nonsense. ^Ste”

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The ScotRail tweet has had over 16.7k likes and 2k retweets. The vast majority of comments praised Ste for his response.

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