Trans Hotel Maid Arrested For Molesting 14-Year-Old Boy

Vanessa Olmos, a trans woman who works as a housekeeper at a Days Inn in Orlando, was arrested for inappropriately touching a 14-year-old boy, reports the New York Daily News.

According to the complaint, Olmos knocked on the door when the boy’s bother was at the front desk.

Police say that when the boy opened the door, the housekeeper asked if the victim had any dirty towels and if he was alone.

Olmos then allegedly asked “Can I touch?” to which the boy responded “touch what?”

The 14-year-old victim told police that Olmos grabbed his genitals on the outside of his shorts and said “you hot.”

The boy responded “you’re weird,” walked to the bathroom and waited for Olmos to leave.

Olmos told police she never entered the room or touched the alleged victim. The manager of the motel told reporters, “ [This] never occurred in the hotel before. It’s a very safe place.”

While any sexual abuse should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, its unfortunate Olmos, 35, is referred to as “he” repeated in the Daily News story and other new reports. She transitioned after coming to the U.S. from Mexico.

Photo: Orlando Police Department

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  • jantibo

    Florida is a cess pool

  • Cam

    “”While any sexual abuse should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, its unfortunate Olmos, 35, is referred to as “he” repeated in the Daily News story and other new reports. She transitioned after coming to the U.S. from Mexico.””

    Yes, by all means, THAT is whats important in this story, not the fact that there was a possible molestation of a boy alone in his room.

    I think I’m starting to figure out Dan Avery’s stories here.

    1. Never EVER put up any articles about how the Mormon Church funds NOM even though multiple national newspapers refer to NOM as a Mormon front group. Nor post about how their money is directly supporting most of the anti-gay bills on ballots around the nation.

    2. Post every story about some off the grid Orthodox Jewish rabbi who says anything anti-gay even though the actual Jewish Congregations allow and support gay marriage.

    3. Post every article you can find where anti-gay bigots try to minimize the fact that Israel has protections for gays and dismiss it as pink-washing.

    4. In any story that involves a transgender, the only thing that is relevant is the pronoun used and not whatever the topic of the post even when it is possible molestation.

    Did I miss anything?

  • 1equalityUSA

    Cam, Ever since you had mentioned that M$or#mon*s are never spoken of, even though and one hundred and a half left the church en masse last week in protest of the church’s involvement in politics and that their teachings having no base in reality, my posts have been moderated. This is why I say, “One hundred and a half” instead of numbers. M’s are never mentioned, even when it’s notable news for our community. No presidential stories either. I’ve been reading all kinds of stories about the idiot they have running but these priceless gems are overlooked here. A film maker was on Rachel Maddow and he panned the dork so thoroughly, I felt elated after seeing it. No mention of this. Cam, you missed your calling. Three days of the Condor….

  • Cam


    Hi Usual, Thanks. I don’t agree with your assessment of Transgenders being weighed down with issues because I do know many, and most of their issues seem to stem from their battles for acceptance as with many minority groups. Just my opinion.

    HOWEVER, I agree with you totally about the subject of this post. The maid goes after a kid alone in his room and yet that is glossed over which is creepy to the highest degree!

  • averaqe person

    One can always count on Queerty to rush to the aid of child molestors and other vermin of society, as long as they identify as “trans”.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Oh, my ‘o-meter went off and something didn’t ring true with this 14 year old boy’s story. ‘fess up and say it never happened, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Cam


    I know, the old owner of Queerty said that the Mormons tried to buy advertising on here to keep posts about them off. Now under gay cities we never see any articles even though they are the largest funders of anti-gay legislation and the most organized supporters of anti-gay groups in the nation.

    And you are right on, there was just a protest in Salt Lake city where a large group of Mormons left the church to protest it’s anti-gay bias and yet nothing about that on here.

    It is too suspicious, especially based on what we know about the church trying to buy Queerty’s silence in the past.

  • Chris

    So a child was potentially molested, and Dan Avery’s main concern is about the pronoun used?
    This site devolves a little bit with each post.
    I am starting to think Dan Avery and Queerty are just a new breed of troll, writing stories badly, targeting certain actors, writing absurd stories, all in a hope to create a reaction and generate comment posts.

  • Callum

    1) The story is about an “allegation” not about a conviction.
    2) The accused has denied the allegation.
    3) There were apparently no witnesses.
    4) Please remember, Innocent until proven guilty!

    The above being said, I am tired of the portrayal of Trannies and Trans-genders and Drag-Queens being considered mainstream gay. I am equally tired of mainstream gay men being portrayed as young very thin effeminate beings or, equally, old and fat and excessively effeminate flamboyant Mae West types. I am gay and always have been. I am proud of my sexuality. Over the years I have had a good number of trannies and drag-queens as close friends. I have also had Cops, Mechanics, NASCAR drivers, carpenters, tow truck drivers, and cowboys as good close friends. If one frequents a Gay Ghetto area like Castro Street (I used to live 2 blocks from Castro and Market) or Fire Island one gets a very warped view of gay life. When one gets out of the Ghetto you may be surprised to find that gay men abound everywhere and for the most part they are rather masculine men. I have only had perhaps a dozen good lesbian friends in my life so far. Most of them have been very similar to Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi, without the wealth and fame. Only one of my lesbian friends regularly wore a red checkered wool flannel shirt and weighed perhaps 300 pounds.

    Just give it some thought on how we allow ourselves to be portrayed and how we portray ourselves.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Mormon infestation, you can almost smell them. Clark, we need you. They’ve been making their rounds in S.F. too. Their are just behind Scientology in nefariousnessnessess. Creepy cults and sects are organized to the hilt. (This is a test to see if this post gets dinged.)

  • 1equalityUSA

    Hmm, no moderation? Let me try this:
    150 Mormons quit the Church in a mass resignation ceremony. The climbed up onto a mountain top and claimed a “Declaration of Independence from Mormonism” with the reasons ranging from the church’s controversy over political activism against gay marriage and doctrinal teachings that conflict with scientific findings or are perceived as racist or sexist.
    Wow! two pieces of good news in one day, Cooper coming out and young Mormons are waking up and leaving the spurious cult that has no historical, archeological base. The elders were so foolish to get involved in politics. Many more will leave and the world will be a better place because of it. The Republicans will learn this hard lesson soon. Women do not forget being politically attacked by the Republicans very easily and LGBT will never forget the blatant bigotry and oppression and NOM pledges and John latent Boehner and all the rest of the closeted creeps in that party for years and years and years to come (Thanks to the internet, their words are merely a click away) Here’s the article.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Ah, moderated. It must be the content of the comment.

  • Max

    Dear Queerty,

    I get that you want to post stories in such a way that call for social change but this is doing it badly. Maybe you should be theorizing what this incident means for the PR of the trans community instead of assigning blame elsewhere? The news article should have used ‘she’. Fine. But making that your only opinionated peace of commentary while the rest is written in a very noninvolved gives the impression that you are defending this pervert.

    Love Always,


  • 1equalityUSA

    It’s like the Butt-Heads on Star Trek when the subjects behind the glass in, “The Cage” realized that they are not free. It is such a turn-off to be censored, especially when comments about M’s showing a “Declaration of Independence from M——ism” are removed.

  • Michael

    You guys/girls are WHACKED! Think about it…do you really believe that someone who works as a maid within a hotel, and has apparently done so for several months/years suddenly grabbed some teenagers crotch? And because this kid was so ‘hot’? Or this maid suddenly lost his mind? WTF?!

    Something doesn’t smell right here, and as far as I know in America you’re still innocent until proven guilty.

  • Max


    *the made suddenly lost HER mind.

    And I dunno. But ignoring cries of abuse are not advisable either. Molestation is no joking matter. SUSPECT until proven guilty.

  • Max




  • 1equalityUSA

    It doesn’t ring true for me either. If this really happened, the kid would have left the room, not go hang out in the bathroom. I think the kid wants to get the housekeeper fired, because he is bothered by her differentness. Lie detector test? I wouldn’t be surprised if we read a follow-up article saying it was a false accusation.

  • Cam


    Nobody has said one thing either way. But the fact of the matter is.

    1. The focus of the story is whether or not a molestation occurred, NOT what pronoun was used.

    2. There are school teachers busted for molestation who have been teachers for years.

    3. There is NO indication as to how long this person has worked at that motel. I went back to the original article and it says nothing about the length of time she worked there, AND she was a contractor working through a third party. Why would you lie about that?

  • 1equalityUSA

    #16 & 17 gave me a good laugh. Classic.

  • Hyhybt

    @1equalityUSA: It sounds off to me too. And the trouble is, there’s no way to prove it either way.

    (Who was at the front desk? Bother -> brother, father, mother? It sounds like the bother was at the room’s door.)

    @Cam: Unless you mean a different occurrence, the posts about potential Mormon advertising on Queerty said it would not affect content in any way. It would just mean that Queerty readers would see ads for their church.

  • Hyhybt

    I suspect that the reason there haven’t been as many articles about them lately as there were is simply because they’re mostly keeping quiet about the whole gay thing right now. Notice there isn’t much about that elsewhere either, at least not as news.

  • Chris-MI

    The victim would have gone into the bathroom and not out the door because a creepy maid was standing in the doorway, duh.

    As for having done this before who knows how many fourteen year old boys were alone in their rooms when Olmos was working? And if there were any, whether they bothered to tell anyone what had happened? And as was said, maybe she did just recently “lose her mind.” It happens.

    I’m not saying the story is or isn’t true, just that I find it believable on its face. The scenario where the kid makes it all up because he’s afraid of the differentness is also believable, but I think less likely because it’s a convoluted way of letting the world know you dislike transsexuals.

  • Jaroslaw

    Cam – I usually love your writing and I don’t disagree with the main points that molestation is serious etc.

    However, (and I’m not minimizing abuse at all), but this is Queerty, not CBS news. If people want regular news, there are hundreds of outlets. I think in a country as large as the USA, every crime imaginable is occuring at least once a day. A burglary every five minutes, a carjacking every hour or whatever the actual stats are.

    Child molestation is one of many crimes. So, is the news story at least from Queerty’s point of view, that a TRANS maid did this or is it unfortunate that that the “he” pronoun was used or both?

  • Jonathonz

    I disagree with the posters here that are saying that the main point of the article is that the Daily Mail referred to Olmos as a “he.” Avery just threw that sentence in at the end because it’s pertinent fact of the story given the political climate these kinds of news stories are occurring in at the present time. The majority of the article was the facts of the case as they’re known so far.

    If you guys hate Avery’s writing so much don’t read Queerty. Read the Advocate or Huff Post. Queerty is for those that enjoy fringe, off-beat and irreverent writing.

  • Daez

    Is anyone missing the fact that this is a case of his word versus her word? The kid could very likely be lieing, and he could verly likely be forced to lie by officials.

    I was forced to lie about a gay man in our town when I was 11. I was forced to say that he had touched me, and to tell them exactly what they wanted to here.

    They pulled me into the guidance office at my school and although I told them nothing happened over and over and over again they kept saying I was lieing and trying to hide the truth. They did not stop until I told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and that is a lot of grief on a 11 year old boy.

    He went to jail, not for my case, but for a related case, and I am left wondering to this day rather he ever really touched or molessted any children, or if it was just an anti-gay witch hunt in a close minded town.

  • Larry

    smells funny to me…kid is groped by transexual and the kids only reaction was “you’re weird” and walk into bathroom…no yelling, screaming, demanding olmos leaves…not to mention his reply to the “can I touch?” just doen’t pass the smell test

  • 1equalityUSA

    One time my cousin made up some convoluted story about a guy in a Porsche asking for oral sex. He said that he pounded on the hood of his car and yelled at him and the guy drove away. I knew him so well that I could tell this story was fabricated and called him on it. This age is a time when sexual feelings are mixed up and confusing. Sometimes, in an effort to prove straightness, prepubescents fabricate elaborate tales where they fend off perpetrators and appear all the more manly for having resisted “advances.” Sexual abuse is serious, but my gut feeling is that this poor sap has been falsely accused by a sexually awakening, bothered teen. Lie detector test.

  • darkorient

    Look, queerty. I usually don’t side with those who complain about your news, but this time your writer definitely crossed the line. Seriously, there’s a probability a child was molested and you focus more on the pronoun used in a news?

  • Ogre Magi

    “Can I touch?”
    Picture her saying that in the voice of Consuela from Family Guy

  • Scott

    Child molestation is extremely serious, however I agree with the others who say something is fishy. I think the kid is probably telling a lie. He’ll get a slap on the wrist, but she will be branded as a pedophile for the rest of her life just for being accused of something she likely did not do.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Larry: @Scott: Sorry, but I have to believe the kid. Transsexuals are notoriously unstable people with a whole range of psychological problems (that’s something that’s been very well documented in the medical literature). Given the kid’s description of the events, it sounded like the trans person may have also been on drugs (also *hugely* prevalent among trans people). Sorry, but I’m not going to take a chance at letting a dangerous pedophile transsexual loose in society. Lock the pedo up!

  • Chris

    @Jonathonz: It’s not that Avery’s writing is is that it is often incomplete, misstated and incorrect..and lets not even get into grammatical problems and TKs left in published articles Irreverent has nothing to do with it.

  • Larry

    @UsualPlayers: sounds like the electric chair is the answer to you based on the most pitiful of information…perhaps your opinion goes much deeper than the facts of this case and more to your feelings about “pedo’s”

  • UsualPlayers

    @Larry: Yes, I *was* the victim of child molestation, and yes, that does inform my attitude towards pedophiles. Anything else you want to inquire about? Douchebag.

  • Daez

    Statistics are funny things. You could look at statistics to prove that all gay men are sex crazed perverts that hang out at bathhouses. In fact, certain hate groups do just that.

    You could also look at other statistics to prove that all black people (especially black men) are violent drug addicted criminals. I think racists do just that.

    Then you could look at other statistics to show that a group of people that have been ostracised since birth might have mental disorders. Those people would be transphobic. You would be an example of the last scenario.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: I’m guessing more likely you were the victim of a gold-digging “psycho-the-rapist” who convinced you that you were the “victim” of totally imaginary abuse (that’s something that’s ALSO been very well documented in the medical literature). Ya, keep those sessions going. You must have great insurance!

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: There’s just no line you won’t cross, is there.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: I could ask you the same question. You’re the one who’s pontificating here that transexuals are “unstable” and are often pedophiles and drug addicts. (The same thing plenty of homophobes say about gay people in general.)

    Yet in another thread you’re whining that bisexuals are victims of “genocide” and a “Holocaust” (!!!) because news sites don’t always use the right words to describe them?

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: You are, as usual, twisting my words. I have nothing against our transsexual brothers and sisters, and I’m the last person anyone could ever accuse of transphobia. ALL I said was that I thought this kid’s story sounds credible. Forgive me for taking the word of a victim of pedophilia seriously; you clearly seem to think child molestation is some kind of a joke.

  • Chris-MI

    @the other Greg–You’re a total douche. I mean really.

    UsualPlayers, I too was molested as a child and I have also been confronted with this “false memory” line and my molester has admitted to what happened. Child abuse is horrific enough and now we’re surrounded by pop psychologists who base their analysis on a handful of cases involving badgered small children and severely delusional people. Child abusers exist, and child abuse is horrific, so horrific that even making false accusations is a painful experience. If this boy is lying he’ll likely withdraw the story, and what’s more, there’s a good chance he’ll withdraw the story if he isn’t lying.

    I don’t you UsualPlayers, so I feel dumb saying something like “stay strong” when I don’t even know what place you are in your life, but I wish you all the best.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: Twisting your words? How about exact quotes:

    “Transsexuals are notoriously unstable people with a whole range of psychological problems…”

    “the trans person may have also been on drugs (also *hugely* prevalent among trans people)”

    Yeah, not transphobic at all!

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: At least you admit I wasn’t being transphobic. Thank you, that’s a start.

  • the other Greg

    @Chris-MI: Okay, suppose for the sake of argument, this incident did happen as described.

    UsualPlayers and you are implying there is no difference, NO difference at all, between this fleeting grope by a maid of a 14 year old and, say, years-long abuse of a much younger child by a relative or cleric etc.

    I assume something like the latter is what you guys have been in therapy for, and not something like the former.

    If you’re contending it’s all the same, that’s insane.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: No, I was being sarcastic. Your quoted statements are transphobic.

  • Larry

    this article (and the one it is taken from) contains almost zero information and many are rushing to judgement.
    what is it about fags that make us so willing to eat our own?

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: Only if you take them out of context, which you have, and yes, that IS a way to twist someone else’s words.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Larry: “what is it about fags that make us so willing to eat our own?”

    Right. Meanwhile, you go around calling other gay men “fags.” What’s that about stones and glass houses … ?

  • Cam

    @Hyhybt: said…

    “@Cam: Unless you mean a different occurrence, the posts about potential Mormon advertising on Queerty said it would not affect content in any way. It would just mean that Queerty readers would see ads for their church.”

    No deal had been hammered out, the Mormons were asking about advertising, nothing was signed saying that posting would remain the same. Additionally, ANY advertising contract can have a non-disparagement clause that the church could use to threaten Queerty with.

    Additionally, even if everything you say is correct… still doesn’t explain why the most organized and well funded threat to gay rights in this country is never written about on here and yet continual attacks against religions that ARE gay friendly continually happen here.

    Sorry, but it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: (Sigh.) Here is your comment #31 in its entirety:

    “Sorry, but I have to believe the kid. Transsexuals are notoriously unstable people with a whole range of psychological problems (that’s something that’s been very well documented in the medical literature). Given the kid’s description of the events, it sounded like the trans person may have also been on drugs (also *hugely* prevalent among trans people). Sorry, but I’m not going to take a chance at letting a dangerous pedophile transsexual loose in society. Lock the pedo up!”

    Yes, that whole thing IN CONTEXT is hyperbolically, offensively, hatefully transphobic.

  • Fox

    There is one line in the whole article about the pronouns used in other reports. It is a pretty short article, but that’s one line. Preceded by one saying that sexual abuse should be punished. Maybe linking those two sentences wasn’t the best way to write it, as it makes it possibly seem like using the wrong pronoun somehow has any relevance on the penalty she should get. But talking like that was the main focus of the article is spinning it out of proportion.

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: Sure, if you’re predisposed to read it in order to find signs of transphobia.

    Funny how you completely ignore the fact that my comment is about PEDOPHILES. But, again, you don’t think pedophilia is a big deal, so of course you don’t even notice what the point of my comment is.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: I didn’t say that, but no, I don’t think this incident, even if it really happened (which I doubt, like many here do) is AS big a deal as the example I gave you which you ignored, e.g. a much younger child being abused for several years by a relative or cleric etc.

    That’s a pretty simple point, and I am not in any way “defending” or “excusing” any (real-life) incident of molestation, or whatever you might imagine in your professional victimologist mind.

    You seem to believe there’s no difference? I mean, seriously, correct me if I’m wrong on that one – you really think there’s NO difference?

    Gee, I was molested (very briefly) on the subway when I was 15. Guess what, I got up and changed seats. Guess what, I haven’t spent my entire adult life crying about how I was the “victim” of “child abuse.” If I did that, people would think that was pretentious, mawkish, and literally insane.

    But I do assume your personal history is much worse than my trivial incident, and much worse than the motel incident reported here. And I do sympathize, IF so! No, I’m not fishing for your personal “details” (uck, gawd no); I’m merely referring to the difference in DEGREE between various incidents. There is a difference.

  • Chris

    @Fox: True, it in one line, but it is the only line that includes the personal opinion of the author, the remainder is mostly verbatim from the other news sources. By using his only personal commentary to describe the pronoun as unfortunate, it suggests that one single item was worth of editorial content….and that item of overwhelming importance was..the pronoun.

  • the other Greg

    @Chris: I understood his point but it’s not just his personal opinion. Associated Press style – a ubiquitous reference in journalism – calls for the pronoun to be she. By flouting that usual standard (I’m guessing intentionally, not ignorantly), they were probably making some kind of protest against “political correctness” and intentionally insulting trans people.

  • Chuck

    @Cam: I completely agree. I am sick of seeing Dan Avery’s stories, and will probably set out to find more substantial gay news venues.

  • Larry

    @UsualPlayers: I have no problem calling myself and other gay men fags…maybe you can turn this into a new thread for you to rant about and hate on

  • Martin

    Comments to this thread is crazier than most here ROFL i guess its the child abuse and trans combination which brings out so much anger. Each issue alone would be enough to get peoples steam pressure up but both at the same time…

    @the other Greg: I agree there is hysteria about hild abuse. Its witch hunting much of it. There are pedophiles who want sex with young children but 14-15 yo are biologically sexually mature and are married in some cultures. Being attracted to them is not pedophilia in my book. When nature makes them sexually mature, can we blame individuals who are attracted to them? Groping them without consent is bad style of course as it always is even on adults. When age of consent is 15 are you a bad person if you are attracted to someone who is 14 years and 11 months?
    I also agree that theres a big difference to a chance happening like this and years of abuse by someone close ina position of authority.

  • Martin

    @Chuck: Then by all means leave. Whats holding you back??

  • UsualPlayers

    @Larry: No, you’re right, lobbing a homophobic epithet at gay men is completely cool. Mnn, let me guess: You’re too much of a little boy to overcome your internalized homophobia, so you’ve become just another self-loathing gay man.

    Here’s an idea: Since you think the word “fag” is so great and fun, why don’t you go join Fred Phelps and his WBC freak show holding up signs outside OUR funerals saying “God Hates Fags”? After all, since you’re gay, it won’t really be offensive if YOU hold up the sign.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Martin: Groping a 14 year old child without consent is “bad style”???? I really hope you get sent to jail for statutory rape at some point, you absolutely vile piece of child-raping scum.

  • Martin

    @UsualPlayers: LOL you think i do that? Some of us have the brains to look at problems without carrying ourselves into the equation. We can look beyond ourselves. You should at pages with numbers for help lines and pour your anger over everyone here.
    Your comments about trans people are a disgrace to you. You are disgusting. The views you attribute to others is in fact your own suppressed contents projected on others. You know noone here. Seek professional help

  • Nat

    “When nature makes them sexually mature, can we blame individuals who are attracted to them?”

    Being attracted to someone below the age of consent isn’t the issue. Acting on those urges is.

    “Groping them without consent is bad style of course as it always is even on adults.”

    Groping anyone without their consent is sexual assault. Groping minors with or without their consent is sexual assault.

    “When age of consent is 15 are you a bad person if you are attracted to someone who is 14 years and 11 months?”

    Do you act on those urges? Do you actively seek out situations where you can ogle minors? Do you download child pornography? If so, then yes, you are a bad person.

    If, on the other hand you recognize that while you have certain attractions, you should act or cultivate them in any way, then no, you are not a bad person.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: I’ll make the point that I don’t agree with Martin’s ludicrous statement.

    But the fact that you’ve ignored (twice) my question about degrees of difference, pretty much confirms my guesses about your situation. Your therapist should have his/her license revoked.

    And my god, your poor 12-step group(s)! What they must have suffered all these years. :)

  • UsualPlayers


    Riiiiiiight. YOU are the one who is being blithe about “groping a 14 year old without consent.” You go so far as to call it “bad style,” as if sexually assaulting a child were just a tiny social peccadillo, like only tipping 10%. You clearly have a warped view of the sexuality of minors, and no sense whatsoever of the gravity of sexual assault.

  • Martin

    @Nat: Well darling, the right wing anti gay lobby would say about the same thing about gay sex. “Attraction is not the issue. Acting on the urge is…”
    Sexual maturity is a fluid thing. We should bear it in mind. That is all im saying.
    If we condemn people hard for having urges that are founded on a natural basis like in this case a manifest aexual maturity then we do injustice to instinct.
    If people have urges based on sexual immaturity then those urges run counter to nature and children must be protected.
    The young are insecure and more easily victimised. Therefore we should be careful that any sexual activity is by their consent only and not by coercion. But this a different issue

  • Martin

    @UsualPlayers: Hey i had my ass groped in a bar. It didnt do me any harm. My friends said i should take it as a compliment. I did…

  • UsualPlayers

    @Martin: Right. And between ages 6 to 7 I was repeatedly raped by one of my dad’s friends. Maybe that’s why I take child sexual assault a tiny bit more seriously than you do.

  • Martin

    @UsualPlayers: Im truly sorry to hear that. It is not natural. It involves both urges based on sexual immaturity and coercion. This is acceptable and should be punished severely to deter others or reprated offenses.
    However one 45 yo politician was accused of pedophilia here in Denmark. He had sex with a 14yo. At the trial the boysaid it was by his consent. That the boy had wanted the sex and lied about his age. Some might find the boys taste strange, but Uma Thurman is martied to very ugly billionaire so who is to say what taste is criminally bad? People are into different things. I have sex with guys older than me. I get off on being their eromenos as the greeks would have said.

  • Martin

    @UsualPlayers: It should say NOT acceptable of course

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: My dear Greg, what is this magical point you think you’ve made? That being raped over a period over almost two years when you’re 6 or 7 years old is worse than being groped by a woman when you’re 14? I don’t know, maybe, but you’d have to ask a psychologist specializing in childhood sexual abuse. As far as I’m concerned, my preferred stance is simply a zero-tolerance policy on childhood sexual abuse.

  • Kev C

    1 person in every 150 people in Orlando Florida is a sex offender.

  • Chris

    @the other Greg: Regardless of what the AP style book may say…i am not saying which pronoun to use is personal opinion. My point isn’t with the usage, it is with the fact that this author phrased it in a way that, I will paraphrase ” molestation should be punished, but it’s unfortunate they used the wrong pronoun” ..that’s the personal opinion part. It’s a common occurrence with this author, to ignore the major point and search for anything of transphobic. Basically either the author is such a bad writer that he can’t understand how offensive that last paragraph it, or more likely, he did it intentionally because he knows it will generate comments.

    The author obviously has an agenda, and that’s ok, but the place to do it isn’t to correct the pronoun usage for an accused molester.

  • Nat


    “Well darling, the right wing anti gay lobby would say about the same thing about gay sex. “Attraction is not the issue. Acting on the urge is…”

    It is truly irrelevant what anti-gay people think of gay sex in this instance, because gay sex involves two (or more) consenting individuals. Consent is key. Indeed, consent is the foundation for morality.

    “Sexual maturity is a fluid thing. We should bear it in mind. That is all im saying.
    If we condemn people hard for having urges that are founded on a natural basis like in this case a manifest aexual maturity then we do injustice to instinct.”

    Again, the condemnation is not for the urge, it is for the action.

    “The young are insecure and more easily victimised. Therefore we should be careful that any sexual activity is by their consent only and not by coercion. But this a different issue”

    The action is immoral precisely because a minor cannot meaningfully give consent to sexual activity. There is a world of psychological development separating a 14-year old pubescent boy from a 22-year old man, and it cannot be bridged. Nor should it. The adult is in a position of power. The power is inevitably coercive, even if the minor initiates sexual activity. Which, in any case, is a no-brainer: the adult says no and distances him or herself from the child.

  • Nat

    “I have sex with guys older than me. I get off on being their eromenos as the greeks would have said.”

    Choosing a term that describes what was an unabashedly asymmetrical sexual relationship doesn’t really help your case. It merely reinforces the notion that sexual relationships with youths are based on the desire for a unequal power dynamic.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: Yes, that was the point. Jesus Fucking Christ.

  • Martin

    @Nat: How dare you put yourself up as judge of who can have sex and in what way! Your taste and world view is just one of many. I can think of no end of things which for me is a “no-brainer” but if everyones prejudices should be into law life would be intolerable.
    Teenagers have active sexuality too. You cant just prohibit it. I had my sexual debut at 14 with a girl of 16. It was technically illegal but nature didnt care

    Gay sexual is as immoral to some as is sexual acts with teenagers to you. So why should we act on our urges when others cant. Sexuality is diverse. Accept it

  • Martin

    @Nat: Oh shock! There are assymmetrical sexual relationships?? Like top/bottom, dominant/submissive, old/young, man/woman etc

    If you want to prohibit all these you will be busy…

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: So you agree that all sexual assaults against minors should be treated with equal harshness? Then what are we arguing about?

  • UsualPlayers

    @Martin: There’s nothing “asymmetrical” about the top/bottom relationship. I think maybe you’re buying into some old heterosexual stereotypes about what it means to be the insertive and the receptive partner in sex …

  • Geoff


    Take the T out of LGBT. Deny a whole group of people their “personhood” Wouldn’t this lead to Genocide and Holocaust? What would Derrida say?

    And after reading all of your other comments here citing facts for which provide no evidence; I will no longer read your posts. You are contradictory with yourself. Good luck to you.

  • Larry

    @UsualPlayers: @the other Greg: ” Then what are we arguing about?” based on your many many comments here I suspect you just can’t help your (very uptight) self

  • UsualPlayers

    @Geoff: “I will no longer read your posts.”

    You seem to have the reading comprehension of a 4th-grader, so that’s probably for the best. Good luck to you too.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Larry: You forgot to call me a “fa&&ot” and a “fucking queer” and a “fag.” That’s your idea of witty, isn’t it?

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: “So you agree that all sexual assaults against minors should be treated with equal harshness?”

    Of course not. You do? Why “equal” harshness? I didn’t bring up the word “equal”; it’s curious you thought of it. Don’t you think what happened to you, for instance, was worse than what (supposedly) happened to the 14 year old? You really are not right in the head.

  • Larry

    @UsualPlayers: that is because you aren’t a fag…you seem to be an emotional cripple

  • 1equalityUSA

    What’s check-out time at this Daze Inn?

  • xixax

    All the nuts roll south. It did it.

  • Jay

    Cam STFU nobody cares.

    Jews actually ARE some of the most homophobic and anti-LGBT people out there. Orthodox, Hasidic, and Conservative Jews are highly homophobic and so are reform and liberal jews too but they just like to pretend that they’re not.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Larry: No, you’re right, internalizing the worst homophobic sentiments is a surefire sign of emotional health in a gay man.

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: OK, sorry, you’re gonna have to break it down for me. When is sexually assaulting a child OK and when is it not?

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: I DIDN’T SAY IT WAS OK, YOU DERANGED IDIOT. Wow, why is this concept so hard for you to understand. I said, obviously some incidents are WORSE than others.

    For instance:

    Here in the real world, when some of us have been (for instance) assaulted, robbed, stabbed, etc., some incidents are considered worse than others by the legal system. By noting this simple fact, no one is thereby contending that it is “sometimes” OK to rob people.

    But it’s interesting that’s where your mind immediately goes. Perhaps this concept is alien to you because your childhood abuse was totally imaginary and planted by your therapist (well-documented in the medical literature).

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: You absolute piece of shit. You have no qualms whatsoever about low blows, do you.

    Yes, Greg. I was raped. I was raped by one of my dad’s best friends. The abuse took place over a period of almost two years between my 6th and 8th birthday. And no, I didn’t imagine it. It was real. Fuck you — fuck you a thousand million times, you absolute scumbag — for implying otherwise.

  • the other Greg

    Links for sane people:

    McMartin case: Several innocent people went to prison for this bullshit.

    Little Rascals case: Several innocent people went to prison for this bullshit.

    Kern County, another one:

    Wee Care, another one:

    Fells Acres case: Three innocent people went to prison for years for this bullshit. At least it ruined Martha Coakley’s career; she’s not in the U.S. Senate mostly because the Massachusetts public was still pissed at her about this.

    While you’re at it, try the related links titled “Day care sex abuse hysteria” (gee, no “editorializing” by Wikipedia there, huh?), “False memories,” “Moral panic,” etc.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: If it was real, it was obviously worse than this trivial incident that happened to the 14 year old (assuming it happened). Why do you think they’re “equal”? That’s very strange.

    But interested parties can look up “False memories” on Wikipedia, or the many, many day care hysteria cases, or the Fells Acres case where three innocent people went to prison for years. At least it ruined Martha Coakley’s career; she’s not in the U.S. Senate mostly because the Massachusetts public is still pissed at her about this.

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: “If” it was real? “False memories”? You’re an absolute dirtbag. I get that we disagree on some issues, like immigration and biphobia, but resorting to this absolute rock-bottom level of button-pushing is simply beyond me. Obviously you know that one of the most hurtful things for a victim of childhood sexual abuse is to have the accuracy of his memories questioned, and you’re clearly playing that card for all it’s worth. Well. No, I didn’t “imagine” what happened to me. Plenty of other victims came forward when he was tried. And when we came forward about what happened, the details were all eerily similar. So fuck you, Greg. Fuck you. Fuck you from now until the end of days. Fuck you, you absolute, enormous, unbeatable piece of shit.

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: I “implied” way, way back (see #35 & 36) that maybe, just maybe, your therapist planted the memory. But you didn’t get furiously mad back then, oh no. It’s only now, when I’ve asked you over and over and over and over and over and over and over, WHY you think your own early childhood abuse is “equal” – strange word to use – to this comparatively trivial incident involving a 14 year old, that you get furiously mad.

    Can you just answer the damn question? Why do you think they’re “equal”? Practically everyone would think that was an extremely odd attitude, especially from someone in your position.

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: I DON’T think they’re “equal.” That’s been clear throughout my replies. I’ve said that since we don’t know how much worse one type of childhood sexual abuse is than another, the law should be equally harsh on all childhood sexual abuse so as to prevent as much of it as possible. In other words, think stomping out the sexual assault of children is a *good* thing.

    That said: Do NOT be flip about the veracity of someone’s childhood rape. Do NOT treat it as a joke. Do NOT call it into question unless you have actual, honest-to-goodness evidence. It’s just not cool.

  • Red Meat

    “you hot”


  • Hyhybt

    If merely not wanting to have sex with a particular type of person now qualifies as bigotry, then the concept has been watered down to worthlessness. No matter what characteristic you insert there.

    @Jay: So… how do you come to that conclusion, exactly? It’s the opposite of every credible news article I’ve ever seen on the subject, and also contrary to my experience with the few Jews I’ve known.

    @Larry: Your scope is narrow. It has nothing to do with ‘fags.’ It happens on other sorts of sites, attracting totally different demographics, just as much. I won’t list examples; they’re sadly all too easy to find. It’s a human thing. Often those who are very similar to ourselves in some aspects are all the more grating when they turn out to be different in one you don’t like.

  • Aquarelle

    Gross, I’ve been trying to explain to the gay community for years how nasty [email protected] are. Hopefully this will make you complacent queens wake up. (And BTW: That’s one nasty-looking [email protected] What’s the point of chopping off your dick if you’re gonna end up looking so angry and old?)

  • the other Greg

    @UsualPlayers: “So you agree that all sexual assaults against minors should be treated with equal harshness?”

    That’s why I kept putting those quotes around the word “equal.” It has NOT been clear throughout your replies. You implied – and still imply? -that if your abuser got sentenced to, let’s say “XX” to imply ten-plus years, that this trans maid should also be sentenced to XX years. THAT’S FUCKING CRAZY.

    “I’ve said that since we don’t know how much worse one type of childhood sexual abuse is than another…” Don’t know? Says who? If you, of all people, honestly “don’t know” if, for instance, a 14 year old would tend to have less trauma in a one-time incident than a 6 to 8 year old would in ongoing abuse, you’re really stupid. You can’t seriously be contending such a thing.

    But of course, child sex abuse TRIALS go into all those details, and those details go into the sentencing. This may come as a shock to you, but you don’t get to be a self-appointed judge in our legal system, just because you were a victim in the past. Sorry.

    “…the law should be equally harsh on all childhood sexual abuse so as to prevent as much of it as possible.” Fuck that. Hundreds of innocent people went to prison in the insane day care witch hunts of the ’80s and ’90s.

    I don’t know who this Derrida is, but you’re really, really BAD with words!

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: My real question is, WHY are you so eager to exonerate people who sexually assault 14 year olds? I feel as if you’re using the awfulness of what happened to me — rape at 6 and 7 — to argue that when it happens to a 14 year old, it’s just not that big a deal.

  • Hyhybt

    Oh… and while it *is* possible to create false memories, there’s a very simple way to tell which are which. If you remembered it BEFORE a therapist insisted it happened, it’s real.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Hyhybt: I never *forgot* it. I always knew all along what had happened to me.

  • the other Greg

    I thought Comment #17 summed it up well (1stequalityUSA). There are plenty of reasons to be suspicious of this story.

    And as I said – maybe you missed the comment – I was very briefly molested when I was 15 and well, yeah, it wasn’t a big deal. If I not only made it a big deal, but compared it seriously to your case, or anything remotely similar to your case, I would assume you would be extremely offended? And rightly so, for once. (I realize you’re extremely offended all the time for no apparent reason anyway!)

  • UsualPlayers

    @the other Greg: No, I would NOT be offended, extremely or otherwise; I’d be sympathetic. I hope you’ve sought out counseling; please tell me that you have.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Greg, I am suspicious of this story, however, UsualPlayers is in a ton of pain. Be a little gentler. Our community is unique because of the inordinate amount of pain we endure in our lifetimes. Rejection, hate, misunderstanding and all the complexities tint our perceptions. Tolerance is required a little more so, especially with these stressful times we are in. I learn something new everyday. UsualPlayers, I hope healing comes to you and that you find peace of heart.

  • Hyhybt

    @UsualPlayers: …and, since you didn’t indicate it was a “recovered” memory, there was no reason for people to think it was.

  • Hyhybt

    @Hyhybt: But, come to think of it, that does have relevance to another part of this thread.

    Even though it’s always possible someone is lying unless they have proof with them, it’s generally OK to assume people are telling the truth unless there is something to rouse suspicion.

    The same reasoning suggests it at least makes sense to assume people are gay if they’re paired with someone of the same sex until there is reason to think otherwise… even though some people are bi, and even though, despite what some seem to think, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Hyhybt: You’re obviously having fun insinuating that the rape I suffered as a child is a fabrication. If that’s how you get your kicks, good for you. Just don’t ask me to take part in your perverse game. Good night.

  • Hyhybt

    @UsualPlayers: No, that’s PRECISELY THE OPPOSITE of what I’m saying. Very obviously so.

  • F Stratford

    Too many psychos trolling Queerty today. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

  • Dan

    How disgusting for Dan Avery to focus on “trans” etiquette in the context of a story on molestation. Avery, you are a monumental failure of a human being. I sincerely hope that you go the way of Dan Villareal and find a new line of work. Something involving raw sewage.

    As for the story itself, it is not surprising to see bizarre behavior from bizarre people. This comes on the heels of a “trans” firebombing of a bank in Oregon – which for some reason was not covered by Queerty – and trans mob intimidation of a lesbian at the Dyke March in New York City – also not covered by Queerty. Just an average 2 weeks’ work for the “trans” community.

    The appropriate response for all of these acts of intimidation, terrorism, and molestation by “trans” people is to have them arrested and prosecuted. The maid situation is being handled. The firebombing is under FBI investigation. The attack at the Dyke March so far has not been pursued as a criminal matter, but the perpetrators have recently been identified and hopefully the NYPD will enter the picture.

  • Hyhybt

    @Dan: Would you mind, please, telling us precisely where in either this article or the thread following it anyone said terrorism or molestation or whatever are OK when they’re done by trans people?

    (And, for that matter, why you put quotation marks around “trans.”)

  • Dan

    @Hyhybt: It is a matter of what gets taken seriously and what it doesn’t get taken seriously. A group of “trans” terrorists firebomb a Wells Fargo bank in Oregon and that doesn’t get covered here. Why? A lesbian is attacked at a lesbian event by a “trans” mob and the victim is further subjected to internet threats of violence by trans activists, and none of this gets covered. Why? A story about a serious act of child abuse does get covered, but Dan Avery thinks this is the right moment to teach us all about using the proper pronoun for the accused molester. WTF?

    Those are just incidents from the past few weeks. Let’s not even talk about the terror campaign waged against lesbians who attend a musical festival in Michigan each year. And guess what? Queerty won’t cover that story either.

    There is a history here and in the gay press of ignoring or belittling criminal and antisocial behavior by “trans” people. It is because they don’t want to threaten the ideology of LGBT, which falsely and dishonestly links gay men, lesbians and bisexuals to a group of predominantly heterosexual people with severe mental disturbances. When an ideology requires lies, self-censorship and cover ups, it is time to re-evaluate the ideology.

  • Cam

    @Jay: said..

    “Cam STFU nobody cares.
    Jews actually ARE some of the most homophobic and anti-LGBT people out there. Orthodox, Hasidic, and Conservative Jews are highly homophobic and so are reform and liberal jews too but they just like to pretend that they’re not.”

    Your agenda and bigotry are so obvious it is ridiculous.

    This is a posting about a transgender woman who is a possible sex offender. And yet you can’t see clearly for 5 seconds and put aside your rabid anti-Jewish agenda long enough to realize this.

    As for your comment. I love a major religion performing official gay marriages is somehow just them “Pretending”. Nice try, but your anti-gay pro Palestine agenda would go much better on here if they stopped arresting and killing gays. And as for nobody caring. Well your little hysterical foaming at the mouth reply would seem to indicate that you sure care about what I said.

  • Jay

    Cam you’re the one who brought up Jewish people and homophobia in the first place.

    Yes this story is about a Trans woman that’s a sick sex offender and there’s no excuse for what she did.

  • Matt

    The other Greg is sick for advocating that rape somehow isn’t so bad when you’re a teenager or even an adult, and in other threads he’s shown how he’s a complete hypocrite and biphobic bigot.

  • the other Greg

    @Matt: I’m not “advocating” that, or condoning it, or anything of the sort. I’m stating as an obvious FACT that any sane person would acknowledge, and the legal system actually does acknowledge (whether you like it or not), that it TENDS to be worse if it’s against a small child.

    And stop telling me who I should want to fuck. That’s offensive.

  • Martin

    @the other Greg: The trolls are all over you, just ignore them =)

    @Matt: @Jay: @Dan: @UsualPlayers: This thread is totally insane, trans ppl, jews and pedophiles, its difficult to think of more satisfying stereotypical outlets for all your pent up anger, although @matt tried to introduce biphobic ppl also. The fact is that you disgrace yourselves with this rant (assuming trolls care about grace)…

  • Lance

    Greg you’re sick and offensive, and a biphobic bigot.

  • the other Greg

    @Lance: If I don’t want to have sex with bisexuals, why should you even care? Stop telling me who I should want to have sex with. That’s offensive.

  • Paul

    @UsualPlayers: This story is unfortunate for so many reasons. first off, there’s the whole child sexual assault, which alone in itself is disturbing. But on top of that, Florida is pretty much a cess pool of conservative thinking, that still think gay people have mental issues that need to be fixed just because a person is gay. Considering the storm of shiz gays still get to this day in parts of this country, I can’t even imagine what a transgendered person would go through in that Orlando. And sadly, the cops probably won’t even care to investigate it because it’s just a “tranny”, and who cares about them freaks, right?

    UsualPlayers – for someone who was raging on people about “bi-phobia”, your harsh accusation and stereotyping of transgendered people are reprehensible. You have zero credibility and you should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

    Your attitude is an example of the harsh adversity transgendered people *constantly* face. Never mind getting it from backwards straight people just about all the time – here you go adding more fuel to the fire to perpetuate hate, and we’re in the same category/LBGTQ bracket as Olmos. It’s no wonder why many transs people are viewed as fucked up –it’s surprising they have any self esteem left.

    That said, I fear we won’t know who is telling the truth in this case – Olmos *could* have done it – but I honestly don’t think the state of Orlando will be bothered to do much about it due to their biases.

  • Ramon H.

    the other Greg-Go peddle your biphobia and bigotry somewhere else, like at the Westboro Baptist church since you’d fit in perfectly there!

  • Drew

    the other Greg, colin, GOProudest, and Aquarelle are all the same guy! Ignore these sockpuppets and idiot trolls.

  • Hyhybt

    @Drew: How can you tell?

    I’m not saying they’re not… or that they are, for that matter. Just curious how people come to that conclusion in general, and what specifically in this case says they’re all one person.

  • 1equalityUSA

    This negativity is harming this site. The well is becoming quite toxic. I’m sorry Queertiers, but I may need to bail for a while. Maybe when the elections are nearer. Wow. I miss the old Queerty, where clever people exchanged ideas. It’s really a sad thing.

  • Hyhybt

    @1equalityUSA: There are still clever people who read Queerty, and said people can still exchange ideas. You just don’t get much of it in a thread overrun with garbage, because people stop reading.

    But if you’ll look back (and if the comments are still available for old articles) this has been going on, if not always, then at least for the four years I’ve been reading here. (At the time, I went back through the archive from the beginning, but didn’t bother either with uninteresting topics or comments.)

  • 1equalityUSA

    Hyhybt, Sifting through all of the bi-phobic and transphobic stuff, the ugly comments about age or superficial facial features are becoming like nails on a chalkboard. I have loved David Bowie for as long as I can remember and I didn’t have the heart to go to that article due to all of the trash talk inundating this site. We have had negative posters in the past, but they were usually heterosexual bigots upon which we took turns pouncing. Now, it is coming from our own. I wondered if they were “plants” to generate more comments. You, B, Cam, Geoff, and others are delightful. Perhaps the heat wave put Queertiers in a deep funk. I’m wearing a sweatshirt it’s so cold, perhaps enduring extreme heat and humidity for days on end has brought out the worst in posters? Well, Sir, I must go to work to pay taxes to a government that discriminates against me. This very long cat that I’ve been supporting with one arm in order to type wants me to give my full devotion to her this morning. Slam the bigots for me, Hyhybt.

  • the other Greg

    You can look up past threads. I am definitely NOT a gay Republican, I’m a liberal Democrat and I’ve many arguments with gay Republican types before. Colin hasn’t struck me as all that political, maybe I missed something. But I’m not sure about the frequent charge that Aquarelle & GOProudest are the same person; they have an indefinably different writing style.

    But last week, UsualPlayers accused me of being KevC! Now THAT was a low blow. KevC is a smoker. That’s gross.

    @1equalityUSA: The heat wave did irritate me quite a bit (I don’t have a/c). But I’m confident that when people make too much fuss on the screen about anonymous criticism and totally imaginary bigotry, it’s a sure sign they haven’t experienced actual physical attacks in REAL LIFE. There might be exceptions, but that tends to be my assumption going in. In the future I’ll try to hold back a little on that until I’m surer.

    If you’re concerned about the “negativity on this site,” hey UsualPlayers highjacked this thread in an entirely negative direction and demanded for days that we agree 100% or be damned as [ fill in the blank ]. Some of the slanderous charges, in real life with real names, would be grounds for legal action against UsualPlayers. So let’s not worry too much about “negativity” on a site like this.

    Not content with that, UsualPlayers highjacked the adjacent story about the Texas couple for an ENTIRELY UNRELATED TOPIC.

    Anyway, the “biphobia” charges particularly mystify me. When did it become dogma among bisexuals that ALL gay men must be sexually ATTRACTED to them in order to be absolved of the charge of “bigotry”?

    No other marginalized group does this. Women don’t call us misogynists for not being sexually attracted to them. Transgenders don’t call us transphobic if we’re not sexually attracted to F-to-Ms – some of us will be, of course – I mean it’s not a blanket condemnation and demand that ALL gay men must be open to that, or be called bigots. (And trans people can be pretty touchy about semantics, but for some reason, they seem to ask for mere acceptance, not enforced sexual desirability!)

    Only the bisexuals confuse “acceptance” with “demanding that ALL gay men change our sexual hard-wiring to be sexually attracted to them.”

    And in case it hasn’t occurred to anybody, THAT’S NOT EVEN POSSIBLE. Even if I wanted to do it, I couldn’t do it, any more than any of us can turn straight by joining an “ex-gay” group.

  • Hyhybt

    @1equalityUSA: Cats are better company than computers anyway… and they’re good at making sure you pick that better choice. See you around.

    @the other Greg: “Only the bisexuals…” implies it’s a feature of bisexuals in general. It seems more to be a very few; we just happen to have a particularly insistent example here.

    Who, since he won’t provide a reason even when directly asked, must be assumed not to have one.

  • the other Greg

    @Hyhybt: Yes, I’m pretty sure there are rational bisexuals out there somewhere, and I kept hoping for a rational bisexual to chime in here and grant that one point (sexual hard-wiring), but none did.

    And my cat agrees!

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