Trans Woman Lays The Smackdown On Drunk Man Harassing Her On Public Bus

trans-woman-drunk-guy-bus-fightThe drunk douchebag in the video below may think the trans woman he’s insulting is a helpless “bitch,” but she certainly doesn’t throw punches like one!

The harrowing video is making the rounds after having appeared on World Star Hip Hop, the internet’s favorite fight video blog, earlier this week. Though details of the incident have yet to officially surface online, it shows an allegedly transgender woman being verbally assaulted by a drunk man on what has been identified by commenters as a Houston public transit bus.

“You think I’m gay?,” the man says. “Try it, bitch.”

He continues talking nonsense until his victim stands up and promptly serves his ass on a golden platter, providing the entire bus with a front row seat to a transphobe beatdown.

We don’t condone violence, but we’re going to go ahead and file this one under “victory.” We’ll provide updates below if any additional details come in.

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    Violently assaulting someone who’s psychically incapacitated, over mere words, does NOT constitute a “victory.”; reading the guy to filth, or, successfully defending off a similar kind of physical assault, would’ve certainly constituted a “victory.” No winners in this.


    *Physically (but, yeah, psychically too)

  • money718

    No comment.

  • brandon

    The guy had it coming and good for her! If he was the one assaulting her, the comments on here would be calling for justice for the trans community. The cops would have been called and nothing would come out of it. It’s about damn time we start standing up for ourselves like she did.

  • crowebobby

    I love how when bullies, after a lifetime of verbally and physically abusing people they know (or believe) to be weaker than they are, finally get their asses kicked, someone always comes to their defense. And it’s almost always people who never say a word when it’s the bully giving the ass-kicking. I’ll never understand it!

  • Qjersey

    Dude, you don’t f*ck with girls like her…cause this is what you get.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Good for her! I would have castrated the bastard with a rusty nail file!!

  • Stache99

    YES! You could hear the hits to the face too. Notice the deer in the spot light look on the bullies face afterwords. Lol

    SICK of watching these gay guys running away. You’ve got to learn how to fight back.

    I guarantee you that creep will never ever again confront someone like that.

  • Ridpathos

    If it’s just words, I would just walk away. But more lgbt folks need to be ready to respond in this manner if someone physically threatens us.

  • Greg Garavani

    Clearly the rest of the community doesn’t understand the conditions that the rest of us, especially transgender individuals, face on a daily basis, she was ignoring the man and he kept fucking with her. I would NEVER lay hands on someone until I’m being pushed over the edge with comments like the one that gentlemen was making, maybe it’s the way I grew up but I would NEVER tolerate that shit. I encourage homophobes to call me a fag on the street, they’re just going to look like fools as soon as this faggot beats their ass with his Louis. I’ve never been assaulted and don’t ever want to be, but us queers need to quit being cowards. Breeders think of us as these fragile beings that won’t fight, unfortunately we need to be prepared for any form attack, verbal OR physical. To all these disgusting breeders, BRING IT ON! Good for homegirl on the video, props to her for fucking him up and showing who’s boss!!

  • Black Pegasus

    It feels good to see people stand up for themselves regardless of gender or sexual orientation. If more gays would simply punch the [email protected] out of a homophobe at the moment of confrontation, many of these cowards would think twice before embarking on their hate filled public rants.

  • middleagespread

    Shouldn’t have hit him 1st. But, I am giggling that he got it. Wish I had the courageous to defend myself when I was younger.

  • JamesL

    Not a Houston bus. We have different seats and no operable windows.

  • NotHavingIt

    She did the RIGHT thing!!!! She would’ve had to endure that harassment for the duration of her trip. As you can see, he DID NOT call her another name. You go, girl!!!! When we STAND UP to any and all forms of harassment, it will stop.

  • NotHavingIt

    @Greg Garavani I agree with you 1,000%!!

  • Tackle

    For those who who say violence isn’t the answer, or she should not have put her hands on an intoxicated individual, ( Like she started this), I say LOOK at the video “again”. As he kept on harassing her with words, she walked to where he was seated, did NOT hit him or swing at him. It appears she she wanted him to shut-up, and just leave her alone. He’s the one who grabbed her hands first, in a hand lock.She had every right to defend herself. And about her putting her hands on an intoxicated individual: SO WHAT!! There are many intoxicated individual’s, who while being intoxicated, have caused others great bodly injuries.

  • alexj

    I am a firm believer that violence is not always the BEST answer but not that it is never the answer.

    You cannot reason with stupid. The intoxicated man in the video was not going to listen to any diplomatic, intelligent points with regards to her rights to a peaceful journey on that bus. So it appears after she tried to ignore him he carried on, in an attempt to make him stop she tried to assert her power through standing in an intimidating manner over him. He clearly puts his hands on her first and I can imagine instincts at that point would kick in to make the next move and hit him before he hit her.

    Transgender people go through a horrendous struggle as it is and I believe in this situation this was dealt with in a less graceful manner than would be desirable amongst some of our LGBTQ community as many of us don’t want to fight fire with fire (Hate beatings with beatings if you will) BUT it makes a clear point. Just because transgender women may appear more vulnerable they are in fact the opposite and they have had enough.

    For me I view this video as empowering for all of us that have ever faced oppression openly and have a room or bus full of people sit in silence and pretend its fine. I say you go girl.

  • Shadeaux

    DAMN! She went Solange Knowles on his ass!

  • Mezaien

    What she need to do and very GOOD! is to fuck him up big time.

  • daniellegg

    she kicked his ass! damn!

  • michael mellor

    Ugly and violent transgenders are not part of my community.

  • michael mellor

    If you dress cheap on a bus, I’d say something to you too. Go and put some clothes on, dearie.

  • Tackle

    @michael mellor: So you OWN a community? And who are you to decide who’s in, and who’s out. And Jason/Jimbryant/and now miichael mellor, you should really follow that old saying, that a fish would never get caught if he kept his mouth shut.

  • toberlin

    GO GIRL!She has only done what I felt:)

  • truckproductions

    Good for her! That piece of Sh$t will think twice before going after what he thinks of as a helpless victim..

  • tjr101

    I’ve been bullied repeatedly as a kid and the only time it stopped was when I hit back violently and it felt damn good. Some people just never learn when you try to be civil, that’s when force is necessary. Good for her!

  • Cee

    @Black Pegasus: That’s true, but most gays preach non-violence even tho it’s not workin. When u whoop somebody ass it works and they never mess with u or anyone else like u again lol

  • Cee

    @michael mellor: And you’d get your ass beat just like the guy in the video! lmao

  • E T

    First, do we know she identifies as a transgender woman? Or are we just assuming based off of appearance? Second, why say a drunk man is harassing a trans woman on the bus, when you could say a transphobic drunk man is harassing a woman (again, if she identifies as a woman) on the bus? The first implies that she was harassed because she is trans, while the second implies that he harassed her because he is transphobic. Put the blame where it belongs. Besides, I for one would like to see media outlets, especially LGBT media outlets, validate a person’s gender without having to qualify every single time that they aren’t cisgender. From there, after identifying her by her gender and him as transphobic, I see nothing wrong with stating whether or not she identifies as transgender as background information in the article. I could be off base, but those are my thoughts.


    SMH at the groupthink in this thread. We clearly watched a different video. Regardless of what the drunk did or didn’t say, this gay guy or girl (Transwomen is an assumption on Queerty’s part) not content with the option of some tit-for-tatt’ing, or better yet ignoring the slurred ravings of an inebriated fool (BTW guy/girl was wearing headphones so could’ve just turned up the volume!), s/he approached said flailing-about drunkard, significantly posing no physical threat (from the evidence of that video), and then taking an umambiguously aggressive stance thrust his/her clenched fists into an others personnel space…ONLY THEN did the seated guy, justifiably, grab at his/her fists anticipating –correctly– the aggressive intent of a would-be assailant. This is not a good precedent to set on so many levels, people.

    Firstly, (after dismissing a silly little notion of The Law), if we’re now justifying the automatic beat down of loud obnoxious people on public transport, rather than, say, incurring our mass scorn, repudiation or humiliation, [or law, even!]; well, then, that loud obnoxious methed-up queen I encountered on the underground similarly deserved a beat down by the straights he was deliberately winding up with bitchy put downs and unsolicited targeted sexual innuendo. Those big guys could’ve badly fucked up his bony evil-twink ass. They didn’t. Thankfully, being all terribly British about it our retaliation chiefly consisted in violent mass (barely audible) tutting and diffident head shaking..which nonetheless miraculously had the desired outcome. See! Civilisation…it can work!

    But back to the above mess. You think gurl would’ve went toe-to-toe with that guy if he’d not been three sheets to the wind and unstable on his feet? You dreaming. Sober, dude almost certainly would’ve mashed the fuck outta him/her. But regardless it’s all just unnecessary foolishness. Stupid silly shit escalates into serious shit; guy could’ve pulled a knife etc And all over the inconsequential ramblings of a drunk! Fucking words. Yeah, some real Mensa-level inspirational heroic shit here. Is this the level our movement is at?

    But I get it. I really do

    Trust, if this nancing ninja, this pucci pugilist, had been brave enough to go man-o-man (as it where) in a fair fight with same dude but fully compos mentis, rather than exploiting an unfair advantage, and in a setting more salubrious and respectful of other people; and then he won! Now, Yes, that shit would’ve had me exploding in a rainbow glitter orgasm. Nothing better than seeing a bully catch his comeuppance from the hand of the underdog. That’s some sweet poetic justice This is not that. This is messy-assed, petty ratchetness & thuggery squared.

    Y’all indulging in some kind of mass projection feel good therapy, when you’d benefit much better by pulling on a pair of gloves and getting in a ring and working out your problems directly with the ghosts of those straight bullies that still haunt you.

    Your hour is up. Be sure to book your next appointment.

  • toberlin

    E T:
    Good Point.But as a woman who is straight and write this on Queerty I can say for sure that “identify your sexual orientation”/show you LGBT-Passport =IDENTIFICATION.
    I can understand this,because we still live in a mostly “straight world”.However I try to move on and get over it:).

  • toberlin

    E T:
    And if you call me ignorant because I say “straight” instead of “cisgender” I have to take it .Straight is my sexual Orientation…

  • michael mellor

    Lol. What if the guy the ‘trans’ person beat up was gay? Then it would be a gay bashing. Who would win the sympathy battle? The ‘trans’ person or the gay guy? Lol.

  • OrchidIslander

    For every member of every group who has been marginalized once too many times, I applaud her. Who has not wanted to forget the “civilized” approach and pound the crap out of some tormentor because this time is the time that broke the camel’s back.

    @michael mellor: Whatever “community’ you are a part of, count me out.

  • michael mellor



  • Maozedong

    @michael mellor: gay guy won’t insult trans

  • gskorich

    why couldn’t the transexual just leave it alone or was this staged? do they always document their travels on video or were the planning something. sad day for transexuals everywhere and queerty for promoting this

  • B Damion

    Now this is what I call courage under fire.

    I realize now that sometimes no one can have your back the way you yourself can. As you see no one came to her defence. Do I think she was wrong for putting her hands on him first? Yes! I don’t put my hand on anyone in this manner unless they touch me first.

    However, she felt threatened and I applaud her courage to standup and fight, instead of being yet another victim.

  • Fang

    I believe violence should be the last resort in any situation…and violence could have been avoided here. But I’ll admit that I’m sometimes a hypocrite and say that I’m not upset by seeing that guy get his ass beat.

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