Trans Woman Lays The Smackdown On Drunk Man Harassing Her On Public Bus

trans-woman-drunk-guy-bus-fightThe drunk douchebag in the video below may think the trans woman he’s insulting is a helpless “bitch,” but she certainly doesn’t throw punches like one!

The harrowing video is making the rounds after having appeared on World Star Hip Hop, the internet’s favorite fight video blog, earlier this week. Though details of the incident have yet to officially surface online, it shows an allegedly transgender woman being verbally assaulted by a drunk man on what has been identified by commenters as a Houston public transit bus.

“You think I’m gay?,” the man says. “Try it, bitch.”

He continues talking nonsense until his victim stands up and promptly serves his ass on a golden platter, providing the entire bus with a front row seat to a transphobe beatdown.

We don’t condone violence, but we’re going to go ahead and file this one under “victory.” We’ll provide updates below if any additional details come in.